Monday, December 10, 2012

Snowman, another tour day and the mountain

- Seen in one of the bedrooms at a bed and breakfast called Silver Hill Manor in nearby Stone Mountain, Georgia - this "snowman" that began as a lighted Christmas tree.  Someone added black boots and the rest of the items that make a truly unique display.

- This is Silver Hill - one of the homes on the tour of homes this weekend sponsored by the Stone Mountain Woman's Club.  Friend Barbara D and I toured six homes that included lunch at the clubhouse (very genteel - chicken salad on a croissant.)  :)  And the best part was - I was 10 minutes from home when we were done.

- A "through the windshield" shot of Stone Mountain that I've posted before.  I walk at this park sometimes. The mountain is granite that extends 9.5 miles underground into the surrounding counties.  You see outcroppings of granite popping up here and there.  I think we are lucky to have such a great park, but I wish it was part of the national park system - it's getting commercialized with items like a frontier village and man-made snow "ski" slope.  Still lovely though.


Chatty Crone said...

I haven't been to Stone Mountain in a long time. I love that snowman made out of a tree. What a great idea. sandie

Joanne said...

Stone Mountain sounds like a great place to get some nature and exercise into your life!

Louvregirl said...

Weird. A big granite formation. Living around all of these huge rocky mountains; you have to wonder how something like that was formed! Highly unusual.

I agree with you on the commercialization overload; I am so very glad that the Blue Ridge Parkway is virtually untouched.

(P.S. I miss my blog :-( Probably will not consider paying for it until after Christmas, though.)

Riot Kitty said...

Send some of that sunshine this way, won't you? :)

Lynn said...

Sandie -

They said no photos for the house tours, but I sneaked and snapped that snowman tree, figuring that was a commercial establishment and so was OK. :)

Joanne -

It is wonderful - but it's hard to walk there sometimes - the sidewalks on the perimeter of the mountain are narrow and crowded. Still lovely when it's not crowded.

lg -

I miss your blog, too. Why don't you migrate to WordPress and let us know you are there by a link? That's what my friend Whitney did (Glimpses of Grace.) Same issue as you - the photos reached their limit.

Here's what wikipedia says about Stone Mountain: "Stone Mountain is a pluton, a type of igneous intrusion. Primarily composed of quartz monzonite, the dome of Stone Mountain was formed during the formation of the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains.[2] It formed as a result of the upwelling of magma from within the Earth's crust. This magma solidified to form granite within the crust five to ten miles below the surface."

Riot Kitty -

Would if I could!

BeluBelloBelle said...

Silver Hill and The Snowman (that is the creative one indeed :D ) - white and simple lalalala

Elephant's Child said...

I love that snowman - and stone mountain looks a joy and a delight. That was some home that you toured through as well - and to finish so close to home? A big bonus.

LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, I love that Snowman what a clever, creative idea that is.

I've never been to Stone Mountain, it looks beautiful.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Such a brave tree design- just Snow with it! The boots make it!
So Silver Hill mansion is right down the road from your place? Looks very large.
I hate when such natural wonders are turned into "Arcade" tourist traps- That's what alot of Cape Cod is now, unfortunately. Except the protected shorelines n few undeveloped parks.

Fireblossom said...

Snowmen...they're everywhere! Even in Georgia!

Lynn said...


lalala - I like that. :)

The Elephant's Child -

There was another home with a tricked out home theater that was a recreation of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. That guy is a huge Star Trek fan and has one of only four Captain's chairs in existence. Amazing - I told Barbara that he must be hemmoraging money. :)

Joe -

If you ever visit it - please let me know, so we can meet.

Snaggle -

That snowman tree made Barbara exclaim with delight, so I had to snap the photo. :)

Yes - I hate that the park is getting so commercialized.

FB -

I know, right?

Granny Annie said...

Finally I am here! My computer has been very, very bad.

Loved you adventure including the chicken salad and ending up ten minutes from home. That snowman tree is the bomb!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

These tours must be a lot of fun...! I use to love going to see "Open Houses" that were for sale, on weekends...But I never took a "special" tour of Homes like the ones you have written about. It sounds like a very interesting thing to do...And Lunch sounds lovely to me!

Sara said...

I loved the snowman Christmas tree! It sounds like your tour of homes was fun. I haven't done that in ages. The holidays are the best time to go.

Do you know I've never been to Stone Mountain, even though I've been to Atlanta many times. Strange. I'll have to visit the next I'm up that way.

Ileana said...

Cute snowman. I love b & bs...and those mountains! I'm jealous.

Jannie Funster said...

Wow, it really IS a stone, that mountain. I love to think of the labyrinth of tunnels and secret places in that 9.5 miles below.

A Pluton -- cool. Sounds like a small planet. :) I wonder if "our" Enchanted Rock is bigger than yours. Amazing -- this beautiful planet.

Wow -- only 4 Captain Kirk chairs in known existence, cool for sure.

When I was about 6 mos pregnant with Kelly Jim and I were lucky enough to take in the Hyde Park Tour of homes. What a treat! Such artistry and wonder abounds.

Thanks so much for the clandestine snowman pic. You go above and beyond for us your humble blog fans, and we DO appreciate your effort!!! He has a lot of character, so charming.

And maybe the Nat. Parks will take your lovely S.M. under it's wing! I'll sign the e-petition!!


Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I'm always happy you come by - I am glad that computer is better.

That snowman is the bomb!

OldLady of the Hills -

This was the third one I have been on in the last two weeks. That's it, I think. :)

Sara -

It's very dramatic, that mountain. You have a full view of it when you take the right turn out of my church.

Ily -

I love b and bs, too, but have never stayed in one. There was one for sale in Thomasville, Georgia, where my late mother was in assisted living and I thought about it, but figured it's more work that it probably seems. :)

Jannie -

I love that you read the comments! The Hyde Park tour of homes must have been awesome. The Druid Hills neighborhood in Atlanta has a tour, too. I'd love to go on that one. It's the "Driving Miss Daisy" neighborhood, where it was filmed.