Monday, April 29, 2013

It rained all day, applicable quote and chocolate fortune

- It rained and rained all day on Sunday, and I liked it.  None of my rain photos turned out well, but you can see the rain droplets on the potted Hosta.  A steady rain, that brought fresh air through the windows and inspired a really great nap.

- A discussion with my Saturday morning walking friend about Barbara Kingsolver and her books.  She:  "Wouldn't you love to have her as a friend?"  Absolutely.  "The Poisonwood Bible", about a missionary family living in the Belgian Congo in 1959, accompanies me on my commute right now in CD form.  The quotes from it are wonderful and I looked up this one, "Everything you're sure is right can be wrong in another place.  Especially here."  That could apply to a lot of things, I think.  :)

- From the inside wrapper of a tasty Dove dark chocolate square:  "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."  Better than a fortune cookie.  :)


Leonora said...

I enjoyed this rainy Sunday too!
I just finished a B.Kingsolver book yesterday, "Prodigal Summer". "The Poisonwood Bible" was very good.

TALON said...

Fortune cookies have changed...they aren't fortunes as much as they have become statements about character. The Dove message is much better! :)

Granny Annie said...

We are expecting 80 degree temps today and tomorrow before rain and cold returns.

Believe it or not, I am reading GONE WITH THE WIND for the first time.

Thanks for the excuse to open a Dove chocolate this morning. Mine says "Give a little love today". Think I shall post this on my facebook.

Fireblossom said...

I love rainy Sundays, and I love naps, too!

Are you still speaking to me after what my Tigers did to your Braves???
I apologize for them, they were not very nice hosts! ;-)

happygirl said...

I <3 the Dove chocolate sayings. I <3 the Bacci chocolate sayings, too. And, yeah, the Poisonwood Bible was a good read. :)

Maude Lynn said...

Nothing is better than a rainy day nap!

Lee said...

I love rainy days...and rainy nights, and am one who never complains about rain, even when we've had more than our share. My argument always is...we never know when we'll get it again!

Lynn said...

Leonora -

It must have been raining for all of us.

I read Prodigal Summer a few years ago - really good. I love her books.

Talon -

I think you are right. :)

Granny Annie -

Gone with the Wind - now there's a book that will be with you for a while. You'll find some additional details about Scarlet not in the movie.

I'm glad you had a good message from Dove and I know it was yummy. Dark or milk chocolate? I like both, but usually buy dark.

FB -

Oh FB - I guess I'm still speaking to you. The Braves got trounced, didn't they? Shaking head.

A nap on a rainy day just can't be beat.

Lynn said...

Happygirl -

Bacci chocolate - how did I miss that one?

Mama Zen -


Lee -

So true - and I love it, too.

Shionge said...

Hi Lynn :) I tried 'searching' for you and could 'locate' you at FB..sorry :(

Can you 'find' me? It is Betty Ho Shiong Yee :)

Thank you thank you :D

Riot Kitty said...

It rained there and not here? The world must have stopped on its axis! Great quote. The reverse must also be true.

Chatty Crone said...

So you liked the rain - I am getting a little tired of it! lol sandie

Elephant's Child said...

Love all of Barbara Kingsolver's books - fiction, non-fiction, essays...
We had a (very) little rain overnight. More than welcome.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We're having a dry spell here now, so enjoy the rain n not having to water everything. I could always use more book time. I always brighten the contrast for rain pics for better definition. I think your pic is ok tho-
I read a book about the Mbuti pygmies in the Belgian Congo The Forest People by Colin Turnbull for a college project once. Cool animals there too. Feel like I was there... Great quote.
I could use less work n more celebration too!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. wonderful soft necessary rain - we need a lot of that here - but I'd rather it didn't!!

Love both the quotes - so true ..

Cheers Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. to answer your question here re Lenny - yes I think he always has done .. on the link I posted to my previous post about Zdena - Lenny comments quite a long way down - the smiley rayed sun is him!

Cheers and thanks for being so supportive .. Hilary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. as I was typing the previous comment - guess who was on his breakfast run with a comment - the Master himself!!

Cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Shiong -

I found you - we are official facebook friends now. :)

Riot Kitty -

I know - what's that about. One of my friends told me I should move to Portland since I like the rain so much.

The Elephant's Child -

I am reading Flight Behavior soon.

Snaggle -

She refers to the pygmies in this book - fascinating really.

Hilary -

Thank you and congrats on completing A to Z! I'll look for Lenny's post.

Lynn said...

Hilary -

Wow! I'll look right now.

Louvregirl said...

"The Poisonwood Bible;" this sounds qutie interesting Lynn. I will look it up! It is foggy and RAINING here today! Clouds go away!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE the picture showing the droplets.....And, Bravo to Dove Chocolate. I didn't realize they have "sayings" included with their lovely chocolates....!

Jewel Allen said...

I haven't read the Poisonwood Bible, but now I want to. It's fun to discover a kindred spirit through someone's authentic writing, isn't it? :-)

Have a great week, Lynn!!

LL Cool Joe said...

I like the Dove message too. Dove is a make of soap here in the UK. :)

I can't say I'm a great fan of rain, we get too much of it here in the UK!

Lynn said...

lg -

Read it, so we can talk about it. I think you'll find it fascinating.

OldLady of the Hills -

They do - each wrapper has a lovely thought on the inside. Hope you are feeling better today.

Jewel -

Good to see you. Yes - it really is.

Joe -

I remember that from when I visited the UK a few years ago. Yes - we have Dove soap, too. :)

G. B. Miller said...

I absolutely love those late Spring/Summer showers. Makes the day feel a little magical.

Jannie Funster said...

Stunning. Stellar. Beautiful. Talking bout YOU of course. and the post ain't bad either! :)

I think your angel looks like he's counting for hide and seek. :) :)

I love a rainy day, I love a rainy day... Kenny Loggins, right? maybe? :) Well,night of course, he sings. :)


Sparkling Red said...

I loved The Poisonwood Bible! It was years ago that I read it, but I still think of that weird dad singing his song: "Under the bam, under the boo, under the bamboo".