Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outside looking in, blessings and the view

- Most of the items I kept from my parents' home have finally found a spot in my home.  This was one of the teapots from my mother's collection - the shape and color of a Georgia peach, sitting in the baker's rack in my kitchen.  I like seeing it there when I'm coming home.

- A Christmas film with Robin Williams and Candice Bergen is filming in my community and a friend reports that "the filming of the movie on our street brought us blessings where we got to meet all our neighbors."  Plus - one of the movie crew thought she was Candice Bergen when she was using the weed eater in her front yard.  :)

- Making the turn from I-85 south to I-75 north every morning on the way to work and getting a brief glimpse of midtown Atlanta skyscrapers.  It's just at that moment right before sunrise when the city is coming awake and the buildings are still lit up for the night.


Granny Annie said...

I love all the things in my home that were my parents or have other sentimental meaning. It makes me smile to wander through the memories.

Just watched my favorite Robin Williams movie THE FISHER KING. Of course that has nothing to do with you post. lol

TALON said...

Pretty moment when the sun is just on the cusp...and that teapot is adorable!

Leonora said...

You must be up very early to be driving at sunrise : )
The peach teapot is sweet. Those sentimental items that held a constant spot in our childhood homes mean more than anything else our parents could leave us.

sage said...

You go to work way too early :)

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

It makes me smile when I see the things from my parents' home, too. My sister said it looks as if those things have always been there.

That's a great movie! I love Robin Williams. :)

Talon -

Thank you - I found it a few years ago at a shop that sold Georgia items. So I'm happy to have it in my kitchen now.

Leonora -

I get up at 5am and out the door by 7 or before. I like to awaken slowly. :)

So true - my mother had a large collection of teapots and I ended up with that one + six more that are scattered about and one that was my grandmother's. They fit in here and there.

Sage -

I know. I work 20 miles from home and am not complaining. I know many people who have much more of a commute than that.

You would think I'd get home early, but no - I'm usually getting home around 6pm.

Riot Kitty said...

When I am awake at that hour, which is usually when I'm in another time zone, I love exactly the picture you are describing.

Also love the tea pot!

Elephant's Child said...

That is a gorgeous teapot - and I am a lovely of early morning light myself - on anything.
And I have been meaning to thank you for some time for introducing me to Karin Slaughter's novels. I am not reading them in order (or at least only in the order I can find them) but I am loving them. Megathanks.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Bet that's a comforting Welcome corner for you. I really miss my Mom- her Bday was today.
It's rare to know all the neighbors these days- I know most of mine by sight, but only have a few full names... Always good to have a pretty, private, n peaceful view of such a busy city.

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

There's one maddening spot on my commute - where two expressways merge into each other into one lane that runs out. :) Who thought of that??? Otherwise - I don't mind my commute too much and always look for beauty where I can find it. Plus - if I have a good book on CD going (like now), I look forward to it.

The Elephant's Child -

I am delighted you are reading Karin's books! I met her in 1997 - she was running a family owned sign shop around the corner from my office (a telecommunications conglomerate) and I started ordering stadium banners from her to advertise our logo. At one point, we turned into her largest client and they took me out to lunch one day. (I'm always appreciative of a good lunch.) :) So the owner of her company told me Karin had written a book and that they were very proud of her. She poo poo'd any excitement on my part, just that she was hopeful of finding an agent and could get it published. She had tried writing Gothic novels and was given the feedback to write what she knows. So she knows the state of Georgia and has a great imagination and there you are. The next thing I knew, she told me she had a three book deal with a large publisher. She actually still worked for the sign company for several more months. I have all of her books - personally signed and hear that I appear in the first one in small ways. If you send me your email address to the gth email listed on the side, I'll forward you the emails I get about her books. Cheers!

Snaggle -

We always remember our loved ones birthdays - it is a comfort having some of their things around me.

Sara said...

I liked your teapot very much. I have lots of stuff from my family home and each one stirs different memories.

Wow. I guess in Atlanta it's more common to have movies shot. It never happens where I'm at. It must be nice to be mistaken for Candice Bergen:~)

When I working out my home, I used to love my morning drive. I'd go past a group of tall pine trees with the morning light shining through them. It made my day.

Maude Lynn said...

I know just what you mean about loving to see the teapot when you come home.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. the teapot looks a delightful burst of welcome home colour - so I can see what you mean. Then you can stand and stare occasionally and think back on good family times .. those special memories of teapot days ..

Cheers Hilary

Lynn said...

Sara -

It took a little while to find homes for everything - I'm still working on framed photos.

Mama Zen -

The world can be a hard place sometimes and I think your home should wrap its arms around you when you get there.

Hilary -

Special memories indeed.