Friday, July 19, 2013

Georgia peaches, Thursday gift and yummy food

- When I was leaving to come home last Sunday, niece's boyfriend remarked that he always stops in Barney, Georgia to get homemade peach ice cream when he takes the state highway I was about to take.  Hmmm.  Supposed to be on a diet, but homemade peach ice cream is not something I come across that often.  So I stopped at the orchard roadside stand in Barney and got a cup of that ice cream.  So good!  Plus peaches - one for every morning this week with my cereal.

- A power outage at work that shut the place down for a day, enabling me to work from home (as much as possible) and make food for the next few days.

- An afternoon walk, followed by Lemon Orzo salad, chopped Greek salad, white bean hummus*, and freshly brewed iced tea.

* White bean hummus:  a can of Great Northern Beans, rinsed, a clove or two of minced garlic, about 1/4 cup Tahini, the juice of one lemon (or more if you like lemony hummus), and a couple of glugs of extra virgin olive oil (at least two tablespoons), all thrown together in a food processor.  I like to use that "mini prep" food processor I have.  I like to eat it with leftover "scoops" of red bell pepper.  Yum.

And this, just in - the power is out again this morning, having come back on later in the afternoon yesterday.  I am waiting for the call to come in.  And if it's out again today, at least I know what's for lunch.  :)  Happy weekend, y'all!


happygirl said...

A surprise Friday off. A gift from heaven. White bean hummus sounds yummy. And the lemon orzo salad, I've gotta try that.

Joanne said...

georgia peach ice cream definitely sounds worth the splurge!!

Lynn said...

happygirl -

Alas - the power came right back on, so I'm here at work. Lots to do this a.m.

I love to make that salad - always end up putting the juice of a whole large lemon in it at the beginning.

And the hummus would probably be better with dried beans that you soak, but this is a quick way to have hummus in five minutes. :) Much better than store bought. And I like white beans rather that chickpeas for some reason.

Joanne -

It was worth it. I should have taken photos while I was there, but there were so many people peacefully sitting at picnic tables under shade trees and choosing peaches that I didn't want to intrude on that. But it's a beautiful, peaceful place off a remote Georgia highway, and it was day that was not too hot.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm dieting too, but I treat myself to something nice every day, life's too short to not enjoy a little treat every so often.

Shame the power came back on! Have a lovely weekend!

TALON said...

An unplanned and unexpected day off is always fun - sort of like skipping school when you're a kid only you won't get in trouble!

Can't wait for the peaches here this year. It's been fabulous weather for them. Yummy!

Have a lovely weekend, Lynn~!

Betty Manousos said...

hi lynn, wow, your afternoon walk sounds so delicious!
love me some white bean hummus. yum! yum!
now i am hungry!

have a great weekend~

missed you!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That Peach Ice Cream sounds quite fabulous! Nothing like Home Made!

Power outages are becoming more and more common as the years go on---I find it rather frightening, I must say. We have had some here, in the past, and I just pray that we don't have any this summer!

Happy Weekend to you, my dear.

Elephant's Child said...

Yummo. I do love stone fruit. Haven't tried peach ice cream - but will if ever I see it.
And love hummus. All hummus.
Have a great weekend.

Chatty Crone said...

I have never had the white bean hummus but it does sound good. And GA peaches are the best. sandie

Jannie Funster said...

never heard of a "dove" of an ingredient -- I like that!

Our power was out 2 days ago during a rain storm, but luckily only for 2 hours -- all frozen foods intact. I likes me my frozen foods, like eggrolls, pot pies, shrimps and such. Microwaveable, of course! Which requires electricity too, the thought thereof which did not go unnoticed by me during the outtage. :) So glad the power came back on -- I was not thrilled over the prospect of peanut butter for dinner. :)

Have a wonderful hummus bell pepper weekend! And a scoop of ice cream once in a while makes the world go 'round!!


Riot Kitty said...

Nom! I make homemade hummus (even soak the chick peas), but white bean hummus sounds yummy.

I wish my work would have a power outage once in awhile.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. love the sound of the fresh peaches - a friend brought down some donut peaches .. I've never heard of them before - but they were delicious .. must check out where I can get some ..

I agree too .. the hummus sounds a wonderful make ..

Cheers Hilary

Lee said...

Those peaches look delicious. I love peaches but down this way we have to wait until around late November-early December for them to make their appearance. And once they do, they're not safe from me!

I bet that ice cream is delicious, too! Yum!

Between thoughts of that and the salads, you've set my taste buds alight!

Lynn said...

Joe -

My dieting consists of good things to eat but very limited sugar.

It's all good - I got a lot done and had a fun hair appointment after work.

Talon -

It was fun on Thursday, although I stayed dressed in my work outfit all day (minus the jacket), thinking I was going to be called in at any time.

Betty -

I've decided I like it better than chickpea hummus. The white beans seems to give a smoother texture.

Naomi -

So good. Yes - we seem to have them frequently in the area where I work. It's terrible because it gets hot inside so quickly.

Lynn said...

Elephant's Child -

I hope you get to try it sometime - I wish I could send you some.

Sandie -

I agree!

Jannie -

It says clove, not dove, but it does look like dove, doesn't it? I think it's that font. :)

Ice cream does make the world go round. I agree!

Riot Kitty -

Yes - I soak beans, too, when I think of it, but mostly it's faster for me to use canned beans. So good.

Lynn said...

Hilary -

I've never heard of donut peaches - that summons up an image though.

Cheers to you!

Lee -

Something to look forward to then. :)

Sparkling Red said...

Oh my goodness, yes, PEACHES! I have some at the moment that I have to eat over the sink, they are that juicy. They're heavenly.

Lynn said...

Sparkling Red -

I agree - best eaten over the sink. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Want some peach Ice cream! Sp expensive here now- haven't had any this year yet. Made a watermelon- cherry- banana salad tho. I love work shut downs- Only had the blizzard one this year, n power was out at home longer. Now I'm hungry again! I love a loaded frig with easy re-heating n ready salads-

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I love white bean hummus too! I make it with no tahini - not crazy about it. I use white beans, garbanzos, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and about half a jar of taco sauce. It's wonderful!