Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting ready, The B-52s and your heart's desire

- It had stormed in the late afternoon, and then it turned steamy, but with clouds looming, nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the concert goers at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  A more than beautiful venue, the stage was being set up here for...

... The B-52s!  A band I saw the last time in 1989.  And of course, there was one of my favorite songs "Love Shack."  One of the singers (Fred) said we looked like a sedate dinner theater crowd, so we got on our feet when that one played.  :)  The rain held off until the encore song.  So much fun!

- And on Sunday evening, a Georgia Shakespeare sponsored play "Metamorphoses" - based on the myths of Ovid.  This one was thankfully indoors.  :)  There was a therapist character in one of the acts who says,  "So it remains important and salutory to speak...both privately and publicly."  And so in the lobby of the play venue, they asked patrons what they desire?  Click the photo to enlarge and you can read most of them.  My favorite, "A pony and a monkey."  


sage said...

It's been a while since I heard the B52s, they're from Athens Ga, right? To have the B52s and Shakespeare in the same weekend--that's kind of a ying/yang experience!

TALON said...

lol - when I clicked, the first one that jumped out - "A beautiful man inside and out." (making me so grateful for my beautiful inside and out hubby).

What a fabulous weekend, Lynn! :)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I cannot get the Board to look big enough to read any of them....Too Bad. I love the idea of that!

Sara said...

Wow. I love the signboard and "What do you desire?"

I know know the B52s, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time and I'm glad the weather held off:~)

Sounds like you've been managing to enjoy yourself even with the summer storms. We had quite a few of them here, as well. Though I must admit, I like the afternoon ones -- they cool things off.

Elephant's Child said...

I love the person who wanted a million philanthropists.
What a wonderful, wonderful weekend. May there be many more of them.

Riot Kitty said...

A pony and a monkey! That fits right in with the B-52s...I saw them in 1998 and they were great! I think they are so funky and awesome.

Lynn said...

sage -

Yes - a band from Athens, GA (same as REM), but nationally known.

I know - all weekends coming up are going to pale in comparison. :)

Talon -

You are very lucky to have a beautiful inside and out hubby. Whoever posted that note must be unlucky in love.

Naomi -

Here are a few more:

"To be or not to be, without having a problem"

"No more wars!"

"for someone else to be granted a more specific wish"

"for my dad to learn how to use a computer (so I can sleep)"

"to be able to remove glitter from my skin at will"

Lynn said...

Sara -

They do cool things off - I was driving home in the late afternoon yesterday and it was only 77 degrees. Awesome.

Elephant's Child -

I love that one, too. And I hope so.

Riot Kitty -

They are - and they looked exactly the same (from my not that close vantage point.) :)

Leonora said...

The B-52's!! What fun : )

I like that board and the neat things people ask for. Most of them are humble, kind requests.

Betty Manousos said...

hi lynn, i hope that there's no more storms this time of year in your part of the world.

the b-52s sounds fun!

what a wonderful weekend, lynn!

big hugs~

LL Cool Joe said...

Love Shack is such a classic song that goes down so well at nearly every gig I do. I tend to speed the track up very, very slightly as it can be just a wee bit slow to dance to sometimes.

Glad you had fun!!

Lynn said...

Leonora -

So much fun! I loved every minute. :)

Betty -

Lots of rain - making my afternoon walks difficult, but I'm getting them in sometimes.

Hugs to you!

Joe -

I know every word to that song - I'm glad you play it. :)

Lee said...

I still love the B-52' quirky!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Glad the weather has allowed you some live entertainment. All I've done is work- boo!