Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flourishing, she loves them and simple gazpacho

- A few months ago I bought a "rescue" plant at friend Louise's "Garden Shoppe" in the North Carolina mountains - a butterfly bush.  It was long overdue for being planted in the ground, she said.  I opted for a large ceramic pot and it has flourished in front of my condominium.   And my new butterfly friends seem to love it.

- A visitor to the printing company can't get off her cellphone from either her husband or mother (whom I also know).  "I'm with Lynn.  Yes!  I have to go."  As she hangs up she smiles into the phone, (and the smile says she loves them).

- A simple recipe for gazpacho from Ruth Reichl.  I had abandoned my plan for making gazpacho last Sunday because of all the tomato peeling, seeding, straining and cumin toasting (which interfered with sofa sitting.)  :)  This one is wonderfully simple and easy and sounds delicious.  Click here for her post.


Joanne said...

Seeing the butterflies that flock to the plant would make me so happy!

Lynn said...

Joanne -

It does make me happy. I wanted to get a bit closer to take a more "macro" shot, but I didn't want to disturb any more than I already had.

Unknown said...

I had no idea Ruth Reichl had a blog! Thanks for pointing that out (I am a bit out of it, eh?). I love planting flowers and watching the wild life enjoy them. So satisfying.

Unknown said...

I had no idea Ruth Reichl had a blog! Thanks for pointing that out (I am a bit out of it, eh?). I love planting flowers and watching the wild life enjoy them. So satisfying.

TALON said...

Love the butterfly plants. Mine is just setting it's bud (they bloom late summer here). The butterflies are going gaga over the bee balm and the coneflowers right now.

TALON said...

Oh, forgot to add that rescued plants are always grateful. :)

Sara said...

Three great reasons why I always love stopping by your posts.

You have something to make me smile. There's a message of appreciation for something in your life, which usually resonates with me.

I get to enjoy seeing what you've taken pictures of this week:~)

Have a great rest of your week, Lynn.

Lynn said...

Sandra -

Thanks for coming by! I wouldn't say you are out of it - maybe it's not well known that she has a blog. I can't remember how I found it.

It is satisfying - I'm enjoying this summer.

Talon -

That's neat that you still have that to look forward to.

I hope it's grateful - it seems to be. :)

Sara -

Well I love it when you come by. We all have a wealth of goodness around us, I think. Thank you.

Granny Annie said...

Thanks to my kind neighbors,I have everything to make that gazpacho and will give it a try.

I don't if butterflies are more bountiful this year or if I'm just seeing them more since I am doing so much mowing. They are beautiful and abundant.

Right now I also smell pretty good. I went to the post office and had a "pay it forward" surprise from that certain someone who makes sure good things happened:) Hear more about it on Friday.

happygirl said...

Having gazpacho in the fridge is a great idea. I like mine a little spicy. It encourages me to hear that you have plants while living in a condo. I hope that will be true for me. :)

Elephant's Child said...

I too had no idea that Ruth Reichl had a blog - I have and love one of her books. Thank you.
And I love buddleahs too. And butterflies. Lots of wins for me here today.

Fireblossom said...

That's neat about smiling at the phone. :-)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a BEAUTIFUL plant that is.....And how wonderful that the Butterflies love it so much...!

Riot Kitty said...

Ah, it sucks when cooking interferes with sofa sitting! I'll check out the recipe though.

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I LOVE gazpacho. This one might just be the one I finally take the time to make.

So you have butterfly visits while you mow - that's lovely.

And I hoped you would like that lotion. I'm glad you like your package and hope you could get that box of tea out fairly easily - it wedged itself in at the end of the box. :) All things meant for comfort in that box.

happygirl -

The recipe I was supposed to use originally called for a seeded jalapeno pepper, so that would work for you.

Yes - my neighbor and I have made a beautiful potted garden in our shared entranceway to our condos.

Elephants Child -

Ah - you make me smile by saying that. I'm glad you could come by today and see my post. I like Ruth's blog - she has started blogging a lot more lately. Always lovely.

Lynn said...

FB -

Thank you - I liked that, too.

Naomi -

I hope I can make it live again next year! I've enjoyed it so much.

Riot Kitty -

It actually didn't - I opted for the sofa. This one will not interfere because you can throw the who thing in a food processor and you're done.

Lee said...

Gazpacho has such a feeling of summer about it; and it's wonderful lunch time fare.

As it's winter down this way at present, albeit a very mild one, you've made me think perhaps I should make some hot tomato soup later today!

sage said...

Good to see your butterfly plant is working better than ours!

Chatty Crone said...

I think I need one of those in my yard.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I was given a purple butterfly bush several years ago- but it didn't winter well in the pot that extra bitter cold season. Enjoy those pretty butterflies!
Some folks are tough to get off the line- like my Lil Sis too!
Sounds like a great way to eat tomatoes.