Friday, August 1, 2014

Country bouquet, in search of tomatoes and contest winner

- A photo from my visit to the mountain farmers market a few weeks ago.  Loved that this bouquet was labeled as "country."  I thought it was beautiful.

- In search of tomatoes.  There are certainly tomatoes around, but nothing beats a tomato grown in someone's home garden.  I will be dropping hints at work today.  :)

- There is an uncertified organic farm near the park in which I walk.  I'll stop by there tomorrow probably.  Doug sends out regular emails and I love this one from a couple of weeks ago:

"I have a special project I'm working on. As you come by the house, on the right I have planted a special variety of Pumpkin, a giant one. I have been studying as to the special care to grow them.  They need 15 gallons of water a week and 150 leaves on the plant to produce 1 Pumpkin. I have 3 plants and 3 pumpkins. Many have been grown to go between 400 and 800 Lbs. I would settle for 200. My dream is to have a giant  pumpkin where you can bring your children for a Picture and sign it this fall. I will try to post picture of it as it grows.  I would like to see if there is a group of children who would like to make a Scare Crow in the patch and help record its growths."

- A great marketing move to get people to come by his farm, I think.  And an email a week later had a "Name the Pumpkin" contest.  The winner?  Announced yesterday:  "Old 200 Poundy"  from someone in the neighborhood.  Love that name! 

Hopefully he'll have tomatoes, too, and you know I'll photograph that pumpkin.  Have a great weekend y'all!


Granny Annie said...

Yikes! Someone stole my name. "Old 200 Poundy". lol

I hate to tell you how much of my "poundy" comes from eating home grown tomatoes that the neighbors bring me. chomp, chomp, yum, yum, yes you may envy me.

The flowers look almost identical to a bouquet my sister received yesterday for her birthday.

I have all this land and am not growing anything but chickens and kittens. Someday I will get brave enough to plant and water and care for something to eat. (No I do not eat my chickens!@!)

Scarlet said...

Love your pumpkin idea and I would love to see its progress. The bouquet is beautiful; makes me want to bring fresh flowers into the house again. I just wished they'd last longer.

Betty Manousos said...

good morning lynne, love, love, love your country bouquet!

happy weekend.

i linked to you today!

Elephant's Child said...

Home grown tomatoes are the best. Except that they make it very clear that the supermarket variety are made of plastic.
Love those flowers too.
Have a great weekend.

Lee said...

So true...home-grown tomatoes have a taste all of their mass-produced ones never have.

I hope you grow a giant pumpkin big enough to enter the record books. Look out, kids...a great Halloween awaits! :)

Munir said...

That country bouquet is beautiful.
Yes Tomatoes grown in some one else's back yard are some how delicious. LOL

desk49 said...

Scare the crows
sign one of three
200 lb.'s
is fine by me
Kids a screaming
lots of flash
That old pumpkin
pies at last

Riot Kitty said...

"I would settle for 200." LOL! That's fun.

I never remember how awful grocery store tomatoes really are until the Farmer's Market opens, or mine ripen.

JOHN said...

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Leonora said...

I wish tomatoes mailed easily. I'd send you some. : )

Sparkling Red said...

That burgundy blossom (chrysanthemum?) is amazing. It's perfect!

"Old 200 poundy" is truly inspired!

Anonymous said...

What a lush and lovely garden!