Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Business as usual, a bit of an adventure and home again

I gave myself a bit of an adventure on Saturday, 12-13-14, the last sequential date of this century.

- It was business as usual for a Saturday morning.  Friend Janice and I met at the park for our early morning walk and loved that the turtle along the way has been decorated for the holidays.  I've been feeling a little homesick - missing my late mom and dad, and was telling Janice that I hadn't been to Milledgeville, Georgia, where I grew up, since August 2012, when I was there for the house closing.  Friend Susan runs a shop called The Red Door - a lovely little antiques shop.  When I was leaving the park that morning, I thought, "If I call and Susan answers, saying she'll be there, I'll go."  She picked up the phone and said, "Lynn?"  So that was my sign.  :)

- So off I went, getting there around 2pm.  This is taken on West Hancock Street, under the awning of the Campus Theatre, where I spent many Saturdays watching double features.  The local university owns it now and uses the front of the house for a campus bookstore.  I pressed my nose against the glass - it was closed by the time I got there.  This is a nice image of small town America, I think.

- The Campus Theatre at night, taken by one of my sister's friends, who shared the photo.  Next on the agenda was visiting friend Susan at The Red Door..  When mom and dad were so ill, I was here almost every weekend, for several months and I loved going by and visiting with her.  She knows me so well - when I walked in, she said, "Have you been to the bakery yet?"  Of course I had.

-It was National Wreaths Across America day on Saturday, in which every fallen hero interred at a Veterans' Cemetery in the US has a wreath placed on their grave.  My father was a veteran of World War II and so he chose this place for his burial.  My mother is buried with him.  It was a peaceful few moments under a brilliant fall sky.

- Before leaving, I stopped by the garden center near our old family home and bought pansies.  I planted them in this planter on Sunday morning before leaving for church.  I'll think about my adventure in Milledgeville every time I look at them.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. wonderful memories and so pleased you were able to get over the homesickness by visiting .. and just being there again .. the turtle is great isn't he .. and then the photos of the street, with the restored theatre as a bookshop .. good idea of the University ... glad you had a happy time with your friend and visiting .. the pansies look amazing .. cheers Hilary

Elephant's Child said...

I am so happy that you took the chance and went back for the weekend - and loving the pansies. Hugs.

Riot Kitty said...

I love pansies. And I was desperately trying to figure out, without the help of a computer, when the next sequential date would be!

sage said...

One day I am going to have to get out and explore more of this state--I've only really explored the NW area and a little around Savannah and Darien. Good for you for going back!

Lee said...

National Wreath Day...how extraordinarily emotional...so very heartfelt.

I'm moving as slowly as that turtle today...I'm at a standstill...it's very hot here at the moment...too hot!

Chatty Crone said...

You were ready to go home again - glad you did.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm so glad you went home for that visit. This is the time of the year we think about the loved ones we've lost. What a beautiful place too. It looks just the way a Brit would imagine a small American town should look!

Sparkling Red said...

I love that neon sign on the theatre. It's snazzy!
Cute pansies.