Tuesday, December 30, 2014

************* Good Things Happened 2014 *************

Hello!  This is an end-of-the-year post with one photo from each month of my blog.  It has been a peaceful couple of hours scrolling through my posts and selecting good representative photos.  As always, click to enlarge to see more detail.

- January.  Our friend Granny Annie sent me this antique postcard (circa 1913) as a gift.  I love its message that goes so well with my blog theme:  "All of us wish for all you, all the Good Things we can think of.  If perchance we have forgotten anything worth having we hope you will get that as well."  I wish that for all of you, too, and especially for her, as she recovers from surgery.

- February.  My birthday orchids looked so beautiful against the silvery branches. 

- March.  Only I would choose the month of March for a trip to the beach every year.  This group of bundled up visitors to Grayton Beach, Florida reminded me of penguins, all lined up.  It was a little chilly, but look at that sky.

- April.  Did I really walk before church on Easter morning?  This photo titled "Easter morning" proves I did.  I need to find that kind of commitment to walking again and this motivates me a little. 

- May.  No photo line up for the year would be complete without a salute to my commute.  Someone's artwork of a smiley face and message of "HAPPY DAY" made me smile as I was stopped in traffic on I-85 south in Atlanta.

- June.  A nice man, at the weekend park, always has treats for Dorrie and Mac (friend Laura's dogs) and makes them sit politely before receiving them.  Love their faces.

- July.  Of all the mountain photos I could have posted, this one is the most peaceful to me.  I titled it "perfect afternoon" - it was perfect, reading in a comfy chair, with a soft breeze floating in and the sound of the river rushing by outside.

- August.  I was in search of "home grown" tomatoes, and found them at the garden near my condo.  The farmer has health issues and sent out emails all during the fall, looking for someone to help him with this beloved place, and to eventually take it over.  From the latest group email, seems as if he did.

- September.  This gorgeous creature came to visit one Saturday.  It stayed for about 10 minutes and then went on its way.  A priceless visit.

- October.  I titled this photo "gathered by nature" on my blog post.  Someone scratched a drawing of a girl at the spot in which I stretch at the end of my walk (at the park near my office.)  But I loved the leaves and rocks to the right that were gathered by nature the most.

- November.  The last blooms of the season from the potted geranium that I brought from my parents' home on September 2009. 

- December.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, except for one, which soon would be there.  I laughed so much about the plastic bag that was a placeholder for niece Amanda's knitted stocking.  But she brought it from her home just in time for Christmas Eve at her parents' home in northern Florida.  Christmas was a beautiful time of being with family.  I loved it. 

Thank you for spending this time with me.  I'll resume my regular posting schedule next week.  I hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year!


Elephant's Child said...

I love your collection of not 'good things' but of most excellent things. I hope your New Year is full of love, laughter and beauty.

Mama Zen said...

They do look like penguins!

Happy New Year, Lynn!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - wonderful selection and I enjoyed the story about the farmer ..I sure hope he's found one or perhaps an allotment group to help him with his farm - and keep the area supplied with produce ... good therapy for one and all ...

Cheers and yes lovely socks ... and so pleased you had a very happy time with family ... here's to peace and blessedness in 2015 - Hilary

Lee said...

Well, as I write it is 1.20 am New Year's Day here...1st January, 2015 in the land Down Under. I've had a wonderful New Year's Eve...the thunder is rumbling in the sky above...and rain has fallen on the land below. 2014 is a memory...and now we must look forward positively. I wish you all the best for the New Year and beyond, Lynn. :)

Jannie Funster said...

My comment seemed to have gotten whisked away, so please forgive if this repeats.

July, the perfect afternoon was one of my favorites, the rushing river would be a real balm.

Peace and blessings to you. xooxxo

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Wishing you ALL the Best in 2015!!! This was a lovely post----going back through the year with you......May you and all those you love have a Very Happy New Year, my dear.

Betty Manousos said...

Happy New Year! xoxo

great post!

sage said...

I looks like a nice year and may 2015 be just as blessed!

Lynn said...

Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!

G. B. Miller said...

Can't believe another year has flown by.

Fantastic pics from a fantastic blog run by a fantastic blogger.

Hope you had a good one.


Sparkling Red said...

What a great collection of photos! You could do a custom calendar with those.
Happy New Year! :-)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Thanks for the wonderful re-cap of good memories you shared with the world.
May your 2015 Good Things continue to amaze n cheer us all!

Happy New Year!

Riot Kitty said...

Happy New Year! This is a nice recap. I had forgotten about the butterfly visit.

Granny Annie said...

Love your recap of 2014 and happy that I could help kick-start if for you with that card.

Happy New Year to you and yours my dear friend! Wishing all good things!

Leonora said...

this is great- your year in photo review. I remember most of these posts, too!
Thank you for your Christmas card : ) I was very lazy and sent none this year.

Joanne said...

Happy new year! Such a great collection of memories.

Sara said...

Oh, this was such a good idea and I loved every picture and the brief stories that accompanied them.

My favorite was the open doorway and pink shoes just waiting for someone to put them on and step outside:~)

Happy New Year to you Lynn!!!