Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not so crazy, all decked out and her handwriting

Happy New Year!  Some Odds and ends from the last several days...

- This is an annual stopping point on my way to the farm for Christmas - love the name of this little store "The Crazy Grocer" in tiny Morven, in south Georgia.  Those shopping carts have loads of collard greens to buy (click to enlarge.) The employees are very nice and don't seem crazy at all.  :) They always remember me.  I like that.

- Niece Amanda's bird dog, Milo - all decked out for Christmas.  She is a working dog at the plantation where Amanda works as office manager, but belongs to her.  They say she is the best quail dog they have when she is taken on hunts.  She got a break from the kennel over there and spent Christmas Eve with us.

- Taking down the tree at home always seems like a chore to me, but I was on vacation and spread it out over two days last week.  I like to have it down by New Year's Eve.  I love the post-it notes in my late mother's very neat printing.  She kept porcelain tree ornaments in these containers.  It feels like a visit every time I see them.

It was back to work for me yesterday.  Sigh.  I sure loved being off, but being back on a good routine never hurts either.  Hope your holidays were lovely.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like a good time was had, by all! LOVE the name of the Grocer! LOVE that adorable Doggie! And I love that you have kept your Mom's notes on the Ornaments boxes....Such a nice and loving reminder!
HAPPY 2015 My Dear!!!!

Elephant's Child said...

I would have to stop at The Crazy Grocer too. Love that they remember you.
And those notes from your mama are priceless.

Lee said...

I used to have a black cocker spaniel ilke Milo...Missy was her name. She was a lovely dog.

I like shopping where I'm greeted by the staff, too. It's why I always shop locally up here where live on Tamborine Mountain. :)

Granny Annie said...

I am afraid it appears to me that Milo is choking on the festive collar:-) I'm sure he was not. LOL

So many of my Christmas decorations are marked by my mom. Plus I love the recipes that are in her handwriting in my recipe box.

We have a small grocery on the edge of town that looks like the one in your picture. It is a little higher prices than others but everything is quality, especially their meats and the owners are wonderful and warm people.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Good store gimmick- Hope you had some tasty salad with those greens. None around here, so frozen this week!
Milo the Bird Dog Elf is a cute concept!
I have a pile of old cards with hand-written notes from passed relatives n I know that sentimental tug from Xmas' Past with loved ones when you see it. Jealous you got so much free holiday time. I worked New Year's Eve but don't turn out the tree lights until New Year's day.
Welcome back

sage said...

Yesterday I was in Brunswick for a meeting and just had to eat at a place called Island Jerk (Jamaican food--it was good). I too would stop at the Crazy Grocer!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - Milo is a delight .. and a quail hunter - that's a special dog-job ..

Oh your mother must have treasured those decorations .. oh so carefully packed - and lovely to see her handwriting for those magic memories ..

Cheers Hilary

Sparkling Red said...

I don't think that I have ever tasted collard greens. I can't honestly say that I'm terribly eager to do so.

G. B. Miller said...

Cool beanie babies!

Dog looks cool and forlorn at the same time.

Riot Kitty said...

Milo is adorable!