Friday, January 23, 2015

Shop dog, young beginnings and in happier times

- If only she had stood still...  This lovely pooch was standing at the door of this shop, in tiny Rutledge, Georgia, looking out.  She made such a peaceful scene that I quietly got out my phone to snap her photo, but she turned just as I did.  She gave me the equivalent of a hug on her way to the back by leaning against me as I petted her.

- Oliver Hardy grew up in my home town of Milledgeville, Georgia.  How about that?  Click to enlarge, if you can.  His mom was a hotel manager in 1903, which I find impressive.  And Oliver, known then as Norwell Hardy, took a job as a projectionist at the local movie theater, where he "resolved to become an actor in motion pictures."

- The pot of violas outside my front door, in happier times.  You should see that pot now - cut back all the way to the roots.  The below freezer temps got them - bad me, I should have sat the pot inside for a couple of days.  But their beauty lives on in this photo.  :)

Three photos that have been languishing on my desktop.  Happy Friday, y'all!


Ileana said...

Oliver Hardy's dream...I love it!

Your beautiful flowers do live on in pics.

My dogs always turn at the moment I snap the pic. Never fails. At least you got a nice hug from the pooch afterwards.

LL Cool Joe said...

You know that's a great thought. You are so right about the way beauty can live on through photos. Even things that are dead can live on through photos.

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Ily -

It's the same thing from when I used to have cats - they would look so cute and I would start to photograph them and they would jump down and come over to see what I was doing. :)

This dog was a rescue, the owner said, and had been abused by a previous owner. She's such a love, that it broke my heart to think of anyone abusing her.

Joe -

Very true. I just looked at my post and edited - a couple of lines didn't make sense. :)

Fireblossom said...

Aw, sweet doggy. :-)

Granny Annie said...

Slim strikes some lovely poses until the moment I click. LOL

And a motion picture actor Oliver did become. So much fun in viewing old routines.

The other day I gave my son a keepsake of Ron's. Before I gave it away, I took a photo so I could always keep the memory.

Lee said...

That's an interesting piece of trivia...of Oliver Hardy. A picture of him came straight to my mind...and here it remains. His image is was the humour of Laurel & Hardy and of other of their ilk and era.

Elephant's Child said...

Happy Friday, with a happier weekend to follow.
Love the reminder that we can preserve beauty through photos. Thank you.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It is so true about Beauty living on in Photographs and pictures.....It's why I love them so much...
Sweet doggie----I hate to think of anyone being mean to him, too....!

sage said...

I am going to have to explore the mid-country of Georgia. I've only traveled in that northwestern area and along the coast.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I have so few good ones of Mischief compared to how many I take. Cams aren't fast enough.
Pretty violas! I had some like that in June; a gift on Mother's Day. Have a good week-end!

Riot Kitty said...

I love shops that have pets. And we have a cat cafe opening here now!

G. B. Miller said...

Yay Oliver Hardy!

I think their humor was a bit too cerebral for me, but they were fun to watch just the same.

Father Nature's Corner

Sparkling Red said...

I wish I could keep a "shop dog" at my workplace! That would be so great.

I have met a couple of friendly doggies lately, most notably a standard poodle waiting outside a restaurant for his owner. He let me pat his wooly head and seemed pleased by the attention.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sunny shots.