Friday, January 16, 2015

Flowers all the time, where there's tea..., and family things

The weather outside has been a bit dreary for the last several days, with nothing but rain or drizzle, so I haven't been getting out much.  This morning, when I woke before the alarm, I was thinking about my blog post for today and how there was no photo for it.  So I found a few items around my home with my camera in the 5am hour that qualify as Good Things:

 - I had this beautiful bouquet on the dining table with the food and wine, surrounded by candles, last Sunday night when my book group came over to discuss Joyce Carol Oates.  Friend Susan remarked, at the end of the evening, that she was sitting where she could see those flowers during the discussion and that it's nice that I'll be able to enjoy those all week.  I didn't tell her, but you know, that I usually have flowers - not just for special occasions like that.  Here they are in the kitchen in front of my grandmother's ice bucket, where I can see them when I come in the door from outside.

- I thought someone might ask about the Darjeeling tea container since there is a glimpse of it above.  It's new - purchased during the holidays - when I was supposed to be looking for Christmas gifts for the family.  I love Darjeeling tea - it's my favorite - so I had to have this when I spotted it in a shop in Madison, Georgia.  I wondered about the quote, so Googled it, and it comes from a play called Sweet Lavender, performed in London in 1888 by the actor Sir Arthur Wing Pinero.  The play was "so popular that it ran for an extraordinary (for the time), 683 performances."  The character Horace, played by Pinero, "utters the famous line, "Where there is tea, there is hope.""  True that.

 - And I found a great frame for the Good Things postcard Granny Annie sent me last year.  I love how it's floating in acrylic.  There it is among framed photos of my family and with my Quaich (pronounced "Quake", from the Gaelic word "Cuach"), a traditional Scottish drinking vessel used to offer a guest a cup of welcome and also as a farewell drink, usually a dram of whisky.  These days they are used for celebrations like weddings and christenings in Scotland or those having an association with Scotland by heritage like me.  I like to keep it there with family things and this postcard fits right in.  (Click to enlarge.)

I hear there will be sun today.  Come on sun!  I hope that you have a great weekend, my friends!


Joanne said...

I love that tea quote! And the flowers...they really do brighten up a room!

sage said...

Very nice and Darjeeling is my favorite type of hot tea (I'll use Luzianne for ice tea).

Elephant's Child said...

LOVE that card from Grannie Annie. I have never seen a more comprehensive good wish.
I almost always have flowers in the house too. Things I grow, things I buy...

Lee said...

I hope the rain stays...because it's caused you to share with us these wonderful things. :)

Granny Annie said...

My dad loved tea. He was raised on a poem by his grandmother:

"I think that every mother's son
And every father's daughter,
should drink, at least till 21,
Nothing but cold water.

After that they might drink tea
but nothing any stronger.
If all folks would agree with me
they would live a whole lot longer." ~ Lizzie M. Cox

Glad you could frame the card in clear acrylic so the back can be viewed also. Always so happy that you liked that serendipity.

Sparkling Red said...

I have to tell my mom about that tea quote. It's basically her personal life motto.

G. B. Miller said...

For a spur of the moment photo taking, I say you did a very fine job.

Love the flowers. Reminds me on how often the simplest things in life can often bring us the most pleasure.

Father Nature's Corner

Riot Kitty said...

Send some of the sun this way, won't you? That's a neat story behind the tea.

LL Cool Joe said...

I never have flowers in the house, just some plants and I have a tough time remembering to water them, but I do like them. It's nice to have living things in a home, well apart from the kids I mean.

LL Cool Joe said...

I never have flowers in the house, just some plants and I have a tough time remembering to water them, but I do like them. It's nice to have living things in a home, well apart from the kids I mean.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Your lucky to get your choice of blossoms.
I have to be careful with cut flowers. I'm definitely allergic to Mums, Chrysanthemums, n Zinnias. I have sporadic blossoms around in the house now on the Christmas Cacti, Impatiens, n the African Violets just budded.

I can't be happy without tea, nice container!

Sara said...

I agree about the weather. At least, we had some sun recently, but now the clouds have returned.

I loved every picture in this post and your comments about them. It's nice you share things that are important to you, like the things surrounding Granny Annie's card.

You reminded me of the importance of flowers, especially during the winter. I need to get some and soon!