Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Inside visitors, lentil stew and missing him

- Our temperature lows are in the 20s this week (fahrenheit) in north Georgia, so the outside plants had to come in again.  They'll be in all week.  I kind of like seeing them there, even though they are in the way.  :)

- The cold descended upon us over the weekend, so I was inspired to make the ingredients for this "soup" (which seems more like a stew to me.)  It's a recipe I've been making for a few years now, found on the Smitten Kitchen website (she adapted it from a recipe from Gina DePalma - see note below). Delicious!  It's called Lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic.  This time I actually bought chard to put in it (usually opting for whatever leftover greens I have.)

Note:  I was reading Adam Robert's "essay" post from January 6, in which he pays loving tribute to the originator of this recipe, Gina DePalma (referred to above), who has passed away.  He made this soup with her a few years ago and described it as being "hugged with soup."  It does feel like that and what a gift that recipe has been!

from Google images 

- I felt my heart wrench a little when I heard that David Bowie passed away on Sunday.  I heard this song that he wrote on the radio this morning, "The Man who Sold the World" - covered by Nirvana.  It's a favorite song and I had no idea David Bowie wrote it.  Another reason to miss him.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - yes it's got a wee bit colder here too ... that soup looks a delicious one ... a hearty bowl or two, some fresh bread, butter and perhaps cheese with some fruit to finish - an excellent Saturday lunch ...

I expect we'll learn lots about Bowie's influence ... sad loss .. cheers Hilary

Elephant's Child said...

Feel free to send some of your chilly temperatures this way. We have been kissing cousins with 100F all week.
The very best food does feel like a hug.
David Bowie gave so much to the world. He will be missed. And remembered.

Fireblossom said...

Hugged with soup! How cool is that?

Leonora said...

I bought lentils at the market last Friday! I'm using an Ina Garten recipe for lentil stew. Genius minds think alike : )

G. B. Miller said...

I was very surprised to read that he had passed away. At least, the college radio stations will do the musical tributes to him properly, as they have a tendency to delve deeper into an artist's back catalogue.

Granny Annie said...

I have a funny story about lentil soup but it is too long to tell here. Anyway, mine wasn't any good and I am glad to have a good recipe now.

Crafty Green Poet said...

That soup sounds amazing!

David Bowie was brilliant and very influential

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Lyn, this is a first time visit from Beatrice (Dorothy) from the Frog & PenquINN blog as we (Grenville aka Patrick and myself) somappreciated your visit and comment on his Powerball post today. We don't think we will have to worry about sharing any non-winnings (sigh). I really like lentils and all types of recipes using greens as well. Thanks for sharing this one. Please stop into our "place" anytime and we will do the same. Also, really like your blog title because Good Things do happen all the time, but sometimes people fail to see them!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I bet that soup is heavenly to eat- Makes me want some n this chill today! Alot of folks I know have passed recently. Winter is hard on folks- we need your Good Soul Soup!

desk49 said...

Plants get warm
enjoy a hot soup
Bowie is gone to be
with who knows who

I never follow singers
not the good or bad
then who said
who is who

Lee said...

I miss David Bowie. I've felt very sad since I first heard the breaking news of his passing. I stopped what I was doing and immediately ran my ex. We both love Bowie and saw him live in concert during his "Serious Moonlight" tour in 1983. He was brilliant; Bowie was mesmerising.

I'm posting here what I wrote on another post- a post where words were given and we have to build a story around the given words...below is my use of the words (capitalised):-

"The THIN white duke has left us...without our permission to do so.

The Man Who FELL to Earth has returned to the great beyond whence he came.

However, David Bowie has left us in the physical form only. And in space, he will not be an oddity. Bowie will forever be an eye in the sky watching and urging us to never allow our self to fall prey to normality; for us to always follow our dreams; for us to push ourselves to our creative limits and beyond.

David Bowie, the chameleon, was the most originative star among the STARS.

In his early days his PENCHANT for FLAMBOYANT outfits; his bright ORANGE hair; his lack of fear in wearing STILETTOS on stage led the way for others, who, in turn, understood one could experiment along the path of discovering one’s self.

Bowie’s brave explorations of his individual creativity, of his brilliant talent gave others the confidence to toss aside their DELICATE, GAUZY guises. Instead of YEARNING to be like him; of becoming individual artists in their own right, they began EXPLORING all possibilities. Following his example, they expanded their thoughts, ideas and artistic abilities.

David Bowie selflessly and generously gifted HUMANITY with his intelligence, his music, his lyrics, words and art."

LL Cool Joe said...

I found my partner in the kitchen crying over the death of David Bowie. I personally was never really touched by his music, but it's yet another sad loss.

Riot Kitty said...

I was really sad by Bowie's death. Apparently there was a huge outpouring of sad all over the internet, who knows why? Because he wrote about how so many of us felt so often, so well?

Sparkling Red said...

Mmm, that soup sounds wonderful.

I will miss David Bowie. He was a big part of my teen years and 20s. I even saw him in concert once! I'll always remember him as the goblin king in the movie Labyrinth, which I watched until I had it memorized.