Friday, January 30, 2009

Blue, unexpected art and comfort

- A beautiful winter day, not too cold, with a robin's egg blue sky.

- The L.L. Bean Spring 2009 catalog with its beautiful cover painting by Maine artist Scott Moore of a frolicking fawn with her wary mother in a field of jonquils and irises and purple mountains in the background.

- A comfortable dinner with friend Leisa at a quiet European-inspired neighborhood bistro "Feast" where the Wild Mushroom and handmade Papardelle pasta with tarragon, pecorino and toasted walnuts was so good I wanted to lick the plate.


Anonymous said...

I know Scott. I haven't seen the Bean Cover yet but I used to show with him at the Bayview Gallery in Camden. He does very nice work.

Much looser in style than me, though I've gotten more "painterly" over the years myself.

I'm glad to see he was chosen for such an honor.


Lynn said...

Brian - thank you for visiting my blog! Your artwork is just lovely - I have bookmarked your blog.

Yes - the painting on the catalog cover made me want to open it up. I am always delighted when artists get to display their work.

Cheers! Lynn

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lynn. I appreciate that.

Scott's a nice guy and a real "hard at it" type of painter. He's logged a lot of hours "in the field." He deserves the attention.


Jannie Funster said...

Robin's egg blue. Have you ever had one in your hand? So small and precious. A color like no other.

Lynn said...

Brian - the catalog references the Bayview Gallery. This makes me want to visit Maine!

Jannie - I have only seen a robin's egg from afar. But I love that color.