Thursday, November 11, 2010

Favorite veteran, ship's cook, and Veterans Day

- This photo turned up in my father's things - rolled up and torn in places. A bunch of young men about to go off to World War II in its last year. He's the one near the upper left with the big blue eyes.

- He was on a mine sweeper and ended up being the cook on the ship by default. He volunteered to cook because he saw it as a way to eat better. :) The first meal he cooked was chili and some guys came by and told him he should make it spicier than the last guys did. So he poured an entire can of industrial sized chili powder into the vat of chili. He said sailors were running for water and wiping their eyes, it was so hot.

- He never wanted a thing to do with the World War II memorial in Washington, DC, as much as we cajoled to take him. Serving your country is just what you did; to serve with honor. Thank you to all the veterans and I honor you this day and every day.


Fireblossom said...

They'll never forget your father's chili, will they? The sailors all look so handsome in their uniforms! You should be proud of your father's service, as I know you are.

My work had a nice presentation for us yesterday. I got a little patriotic Boyd's Bear and a card. It made me feel good.

Scarlet Ily said...

Love the story about your father's chili! He knew how to spice things up onboard, huh? :)

What a sweet tribute to your father on this Veterans Day.

PS - We're planning to open up a Veterans ALF in the near future...very near future. Can't wait!

kenju said...

My dad wanted badly to go into the service, but he had flat feet and they wouldn't take him. He was a wonderful cook - it was the service's loss!! People cook everyday with flat feet, don't they?

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ What a have such a photo. I have photos of my Dad as a boy and a young teenager; none of his time in the service. Liked how you described him (simply.)
Have a good day Lynn!!

TALON said...

The photo breaks my heart...all that life and vitality...and how many survived?

I can see all the sailors wiping their eyes from the chilli! lol! Hey, your father only did what they asked - lol!

desk49 said...

I looked and looked I did for thee
but now blue eyes I could see
Upper left or lower right,
on this old black and white
The chilies cold the chilies hot
That job was good for your pop
Give it up forget it all a memorial he viewed
He did his thing with honor too

Jannie Funster said...

Oh no, the chili! I'd a drank a gallon of milk after taht.

Big blue eyes,eh? Bet your mama fell hard!


Riot Kitty said...

Great post! And what a hilarious story about the chili.

Lynn said...

FB -

I am proud of his service. The volunteering for the cook duty backfired, because the Japanese surrendered and the war was over except for some naval ships that had to stay behind for clean-up, I guess. They sent him to another ship that needed a cook and everyone else got discharged. He was sad, but dealt with it.

That's lovely that they did that. I love Boyd's Bears.

Ily -

Thank you. And it was one of those be careful what you ask for things. :)

So your Veterans ALF won't be state run?

Kenju -

Yes - I have flat feet and it hasn't stopped me! You are right - it was their loss.

lg -

Thank you. He was a wonderful man and father.

I did have a good day! :)

Talon -

I know - I wonder about that, too, when I look at the photo.

It will be on my black and white photo wall when I get enough to put up.

Ellis -

He did it with honor, for sure. And thank you for my poem! That last line of my blog today was especially for you.

Jannie -

He spotted her in the church choir after he came home from the war and that was it. They met in November and were married the next March. They were married for 62 years. They made a gorgeous couple. :)


Riot Kitty -

Thank you. It seems like a good day for this post.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Very cool photo! Sounds like Chili I wouldn't be able to eat! Not good with hot food. Good war story!
The memorials can be tough to dwell on- I've known some vets who always honored their fallen buddies tho- n felt it was important to them.
Hope your Vets Day went well!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

It was the first Veterans Day since my dad passed away - I always used to call and wish him a good one. But I had a really excellent work day - the best in a long time. So a good balance there.

Meredith said...

Thank you to Lynn's dad and to all the veterans. What a wonderful story about the chili! I love to hear stories like this from the men in our lives who've served with honor. :)

Lynn said...

Meredith -

What I liked about that story was that it was such a routine matter after a battle - lunch.