Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good excuse to walk, irony and air of mystery

- To avoid lining the pockets of that parking garage owner who gets $3.50 for 20 minutes parking, I find street parking in a residential neighborhood about a mile from my client's office and walk to my appointment. The fresh air (not to mention the walk) lifts my spirit and I get to study old Atlanta buildings, like this one, up close. I think it might have been an apartment building, but I'm not sure. The name "Pavilion" is on the front in smallish letters. I love that round window in the front.

- I pass the Lattetude Coffee Lounge and Bistro and enjoy the irony of the admonishing sign and the very laid back hours. :)

- The mansion on the hill is the Peachtree Circle apartment building, said to have been a school for girls long ago. It has a certain charm and the peeling paint suggests an air of Gothic mystery.


Fireblossom said...

Laid-back spelling, too. But I still really like the sign.

I am fascinated by old buildings and their stories. My mind is already imagining those girls and their mean headmistress, and the stray cat they kept on the sly. ;-)

TALON said...

That sign is terrific! We use the "ish" a lot around here - takes the pressure off :)

I love that round window too - it's the little details that give buildings character, isn't it?

Buildings do tell stories...and that one looks like it has some doozies!

desk49 said...

Avoiding greed
miles you walked
Send your spirits
soaring high
seeing buildings grand
From ancient lands
A photo and a quick goodbye

A coffee shop
Ran like an old
moms and pops
with no hours
set in stone

The girls did go
To a school long ago
Is a mystery to unfold.

Riot Kitty said...

Hours of caffination! LOL!

Sara said...


I always enjoy your trips and the pictures that accompany them. Like others, I also enjoy the coffee shop sign.

I like the building with the round window very much, but the other one is a bit spooky. I bet lots of scary tales could be told about it:~)

Lynn said...

FB -

I thought it was so funny to have that No Smoking sign posted with an ashcan right next to it.

Ooh - that would make a great story around that Gothic building. :)

Talon -

There appears to be a lift showing behind that round window. The front door is boarded up, but there are cars in the back. Googling the address came back with nothing except one old article about a theatre group that gave that as an address. One can imagine a cast of characters living there - I'll bet they are fun.

Ellis -

Is it just me, or is that a lot to pay for 20 minute parking? I racked up $12 in a couple of days this summer, going back and forth to visit this client.

Thank you for my poem!

Riot Kitty -

I went to Starbucks this morning and their espresso machine was down. Woe to me! I drove the two miles to another Starbucks. :) I need my caffination.

Sara -

I'm glad - sometimes it is hard to find new things to photograph. I like it when they just sort of present themselves.

I read that the columns on that big mansion apartment building were taken from another large home that was razed.

LL Cool Joe said...

I wish I'd put my older daughter in an all girls school, even with peeling paint! :D

Love the window in the first building too. That house wouldn't look out of place in Italy or Spain.

Jannie Funster said...

You must getting very skinny-minnie with all that parking and walking, Lynn :) Be sure to have some donuts during your hours of caffeination so as not to waste completely away.

Austin is a non-smoking city! Yep. I like that.


G said...

Hours of caffienation to 5pm-ish...even I would stop by at place like that, especially since it sounds so non-corporate.

Kim said...

Heh, love that coffee shop sign..too funny! The walk sounds wonderful! I'm so glad for more comfortable temps here so I can wander as well!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

desk49 said...

Down town is high. Like anything if people will pay, they will charge for Oklahoma it is high. We can park the stagecoach for two bits but the horses are starting to cost more.

Lynn said...

Joe -

I've always been drawn to that building. I wish someone had not felt they needed to put that elaborate graffiti on the side.

Jannie -

You mean no smoking - even outside? And no danger of me getting too skinny. :)


G -

I didn't have time to go in, but it didn't look as if anyone was in there.

Kim -

Yes - it warmed up a lot this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ellis -

You crack me up! :)

Granny Annie said...

Hopefully I'll have some energy back soon so I can start walking more. Love the "ish" on the hours of the coffee shop! Hope the old building will be preserved and not allowed to simply crumble into dust.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Isin't a pavillion an early form of mall with several businesses? I'll have to look it up- Nice building!
Wow, I've never seen an "-ish" sign before!
Were you walking the infamous Peachtree Street which winds through Atlanta? I had to miss walking yesterday-

Hope you get to indulge in those long-awaited family dishes for the Holiday! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Meredith said...

Lynn, I used to walk Peachtree Circle as part of my thrice-weekly walking route from my house in Midtown. I had no idea that home had been in use as a girls' school -- but I well remember that peeling paint. It fired the imagination every time I passed. It is a bit spooky. ;) (Thanks for reminding me of a fun thing I'd forgotten from my former life.)

The sign on that shop cracked me up!

Lynn said...

Granny Annie -

I hope you get some energy soon. I hope I do, too. Maybe it's the weather. :)

Snaggle -

I indeed did cross Peachtree on that walk. And that is a good point about that building - perhaps it was an office building back in the day.

Meredith -

That would be a great place for walks. I saw a foreclosure co-op for sale in that neighborhood that was totally affordable, but I hate moving. I'll bet you loved living in midtown. I used to live on 8th street when I first moved to ATL.