Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Refuge, ravishing and there's always next year

- Sunday morning at my sister's house and the view from the back. No other houses as far as you can see. They used to have cows in that lower pasture, but getting water to them became a problem. Now the property is a wildlife refuge of sorts - deer routinely wander through.

- Finally getting a much needed pedicure. The most fun of the whole thing for me is choosing the color my toenails will be painted. The OPI line has the most delightful polish names - I chose a lovely deep red polish with the name "Ravishing Dahling."

- Halloween update - no trick or treaters. But I might have missed the little ones - I got home from Florida a little after 8pm. This time I was prepared with Starburst candy and Gummi Bears. They are in my plastic pumpkin for next year. :)


Fireblossom said...

I know, I love the OPI names, they crack me up.

Jannie Funster said...

Umn, year-old candy -- now that's just getting to the edible stage for me! As I've mentioned, I'm crazy for candy canes and Twizzlers that develop that lovely cupboard patina, 18 months aged (or older) is primo mumcning!

Nice pool! Good for her! And you.


Louvregirl said...

Ooooh. Lovely pool, secluded too. Glad that you had a nice trip Lynn :)
Your sister is blessed to have a refuge in the Florida countryside.
Did you see any gopher turtles I wonder? They are prevalent in Florida and delightful to watch; actually they get rather large. Oh~ and wild pigs too!
lg :)

Granny Annie said...

Is that very nice of you to flaunt your sister's pool?

Wine colored nail polish for me to go with my drink.

Zero goblins for us this year which leaves us the tootsie pops that will not last a week, much less a year.

TALON said...

It would be lovely to sit and watch the deer meander with "Ravishing Dahling" toenails enjoying the breeze! :)

Lynn said...

FB -

One of my friends got OPI "Bring out the bling!" yesterday. :)

Jannie -

I never get in that pool - I avoid that area when it is hot. It is Africa hot in north Florida. (Borrowed "Africa hot" from the film Biloxi Blues. :)


lg -

Yikes - no wild pigs or turtles. An alligator crossed that dirt road in front of my sister's car not long ago. And a tree frog fell into the trunk of my car. I guess I shouldn't have parked under that tree. I had to find something to flip it out of there (not wanting to be too girly and scream.) :)

Granny Annie -

No flaunting here - I was really trying to get my sister's cat in a photo and he wouldn't sit still - so I acted as if I was ignoring him and took this shot.

They use the heck out of that pool - they put it in when the girls were still living at home and were (still are) great entertainers of groups of friends.

See - that's why I didn't get something like Tootsie Pops (which I adore) because I'd have eaten them right up.

Talon -

At first I thought you meant the deer would be wearing that polish. :) Hee hee.

Sara said...


You are smart, you get candy you can save. I'll keep this in mind for next year. Also, I will not my boyfriend to get the candy...he came back with all chocolate.

As we had only a few trick-or-treaters, we ended up eating most of the candy...not a good idea:~(

I love your pictures and can just imagine the deer walking across that pasture with a bit of morning fog making them look kind of ghostly. Of course, I'm never up earlier enough to see the morning fog:~)

LL Cool Joe said...

Now that's a cool view! Yeah having a nail polish called "Blood red" wouldn't work so well would it?

Scarlet Ily said...

That nail polish sounds "hot!" :) I just had my nails done this weekend (manicure) for the first time in a long time. What a sweet luxury. Pedicures are even better. Next time!

I didn't get many trick-or-treaters this year either, but I was out most of the night with my own trick-or-treaters, so who really knows?

desk49 said...

From cows to deer
No water was found
Now wildlife runs
All around

Desk49 raises a eye brow
To the next few lines
About pedicures and
Red polish like Ravishing Dahling

Did I hear you right
Year old candy to kids you’ll hand
If you can get back from Florida
Next year before they can all scram

Snaggle Tooth said...

Love being away from neighbors like that! Pretty view-
Bet your toes are feeling ravishing!
I was ready with KitKats n Skittles- but no one knocked before I left. I did go deliver some down the hill before work, n saw Darth Vader n a walking Pumpkin!
You don't need a holiday to hand some candy out....

Lynn said...

Sara -

That sounds like a fun Halloween night - eating chocolate with your boyfriend.

It is so beautiful there.

Joe -

One of their polishes had some sort of vampire name - I forget exactly, but it was sort of blood red. :)

Ily -

It's pretty hot. :) Yes - that is a sweet luxury, for sure. And they were so happy to see me. I must be a good tipper. :)

Ellis -

You heard me right - yes, the shelf life of that candy would go more than the year it will sit in my house. :) Thank you for you my poem - a good one!

Snaggle -

Good point - I could give that candy out anytime. Should any random groups of kids knock on my door - they'll be in luck! :)

La Table De Nana said...

What a cute name.. I hope you had fun in Fl:) I bet you did.

Lynn said...

Nana -

I had a lovely time - a different world around there from the concrete and asphalt I am in the midst of in Atlanta. :)