Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cat and Dolphins, dazzling and internal clock

- Spotted on facebook, this little film of a cat and dolphins playing together was just the best part of my day yesterday. The cat must be accustomed to being around the water. :)

- Hearing that my outdoorsy niece went to a country club dance. I asked if she wore a pretty party dress and her mother said she had no idea. But pictures on facebook confirm that she was dazzling.

- Friend Jerry's post on facebook at midnight, "I hate thunder storms in the middle of the night but even worse tornado warnings on top of that, how am I suppose to sleep?" Apparently he wasn't sleeping, but I slept right through it and after another power outage, am lucky to have my internal clock that got me up a few minutes ago!

Thank you to facebook friends for the hastily thrown together post today! :)


happygirl said...

I love sleeping through storms. It means I finally fell asleep.

Fireblossom said...

I'm off today, and my cotton puickin internal clock kept waking me up anyway. Darn thing!

Fireblossom said...

pickin not pukin, lol

TALON said...

That cat must have tiger blood (no disrespect to Charlie Sheen - lol) as they like the water :)

Storms always seem to wake me. I generally listen and see how severe they are and if they aren't crazy-wild, I slip back to sleep.

Louvregirl said...

Wow. That film of the cat and dolphin was way cool. We had dolphins follow our boat in Florida. Once, though, I saw one jump up twice and fall back down into the water in a canal where we were fishing. Actually, Lynn (and I don't often share this one) YEARS earlier I had asked the Lord 'for a sign...;' which I had specified as 'a dolphin jumping in the water'(near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge) when I would drive my son to All Children's Hospital (in Tampa) that he would be O.K. (For years of driving him to and from the hospital....I did watch for this sign...)

I never got this sign, I thought...until the one day (yes, some years later...) that we were fishing as a family in the canal...My son was actually there that day, asleep (as a teenager) in the car...

Lynn said...

hg -

Normally I wake up if a pin drops - so I must have been extra tired yesterday. I think I was.

FB -

Darn internal cotton pickin internal clock!

p.s. I knew you meant pickin. :)

Talon -

I wonder if that is a boat or dock cat and is just used to the water. Very cute, I think.

lg -

That is an amazing story. Sometimes the answer doesn't come right away, I guess.

Jannie Funster said...

That is the cutest thing ever!! Kept thinking Kitty was going to go swimming. :) So sweet. Talon, was it really Stripey?? :) Looks like!

A dazzling aunt, a dazzling niece
Rain yes, but no tornadoes, please.


sage said...

Cute picture--porpoises can be fun to watch--especially when they come up to a boat

Riot Kitty said...

Two of my favorite animals! Very cute.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Can't wait to see the video on BBMs computer- I remember my girls in their Prom Gowns looking so classy. They don't get to dress up these days.
TG I don't have to run to the basement for Tornado warnings here! I'd prob have a place to sleep there if I had too-
Good thing you awoke! Last week I slept late by accident because I'd dreamt it was Day Off! Woke up n realized it just in time to make it in-

Lynn said...

Jannie -

That kitty does look a little like Stripey. I liked how he stepped out on that metal thing like he was used to it. And his name is Thunder - like that, too.

You are dazzling, too, my friend!


Sage -

I've never seen one in person. I would love to though.

RK -

I'm glad you liked it.

Snaggle -

I had been so disappointed that I didn't get to see my niece on my last visit, but it was because she went to a dance. I was glad to hear she was doing something so girly. :) She is the niece who I usually see wearing muddy boots - love that about her though.