Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Floral popcorn, alternate toy and walking music

- The last of the azaleas. I always forget the name of those white ones there - I think they look like popcorn balls.

- My client's dog, Scout, runs off after the initial excitement of my arrival and returns with a red oven mitt - perfectly slobbery. He settles down to chew. The client looks resigned; Scout looks happy.

- A walk in the park after work, listening to music as usual. Another client comes trotting up from behind, panting. She's been calling my name and sees why I didn't hear - I was listening to my ipod. Led Zeppelin, for old times sake. :)


Fireblossom said...

As long as Scout is happy. Our role is to serve them!

happygirl said...

Led Zeppelin in the park sounds wonderful. :)

desk49 said...

Some you can't remember
others almost gone
the dog was happy
your client played along

Led Zeppelin played
your client puffed away
you could not hear them
on your walk today

it sounds like your having fun
but please keep an eye out for the
ones from which you should run

Jannie Funster said...

Which album? I like In Through The Out door.

And used to love popcorn balls, especially the ones that would take your fillings out -- or maybe it was eating popcorn balls as a child that gave me fillings in the first place. :)


Blue Bunny said...

hi, my lyns, i think maybe those flowirs is called bunny tails?


Lynn said...

FB -

Scout paused while chewing to look up at me with a dog smile, as if to say, "What do you want to do now, fun lady?"

happygirl -

It was an 11 on the Wizometer yesterday (our channel 11 news has a silly new gadget they promote which indicated a perfect day. And it was.)

Ellis -

I like it - thank you for my poem! And thank you for being concerned - I'm careful. Lots of moms pushing baby strollers; people running with dogs - I'm never out of sight of someone who appears benign.

Jannie -

I've never liked popcorn balls. What's that about?

I have most of the Zeppelin albums, but no CDs. I downloaded this song from itunes because I love the wistfulness of it - "Going to California."


Blue Bunny -

Seriously??? :)


... Paige said...

Consolation prize winner!

Louvregirl said...

"The client looks resigned; Scout looks happy." Well said. I live my life this way...with my two dogs! I am 'always' resigned to something. But even more so, this applies to teenagers!

TALON said...

Gorgeous azaleas! The color is stunning!

Scout sounds a happy dog.

Led Zeppelin sounds like perfect walking music! :)

Sara said...


I agree with Fireblossom. There's nothing quite like a contented dog. I must admit, however, I'm not so fond of throwing slobbery things so I was pleased that Scout settled in to work on his own chew.

I like flower picture. Mine are all gone now and so, it's nice to see flowers still blooming.

That's funny about the music. I suppose Led Zeppelin might make it harder to hear. Wow Led Zeppelin brings back memories for me:~)

Have a great day, Lynn!

G. B. Miller said...

Fred Zeppelin is a fantastic way to tune out the unpleasantries (or in this case, pleasantries) of the day.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Are they Hydraingas perhaps? Still haven't see Azaleas here yet- n it keeps raining so haven'r walked much.
Once, I saw a friend's huge half-Great Dane dog was carrying around a hunk of sawed off lumber to knaw- Well Master was a carpenter!
I always feel guilty when I don't notice folks trying to flag me down- don't even need an ipod for that!
Congrats on the prize!

Riot Kitty said...

I have walked right by people trying to get my attention. At least you have earphones as an excuse!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ah the joys having music in ones ears blocking out everything else. :D

I hope you had a wonderful weekend Lynn.

Lynn said...

Paige -

Hi there and thank you. :)

lg -

Oh I can well imagine. You are right in the thick of it still.

Talon -

I have such a mixture of music on that ipod - I need some new stuff already. :)

Sara -

I was by there again yesterday and he was at doggie daycare! She says he gets so excited to go - he has friends there.

G -

I'm really enjoying my walks in the afternoon and hate missing them. Sometimes (like today) I'm exercising before work and there's a whole set of positivity associated with that.

Snaggle -

Wow - that is something - that dog carrying around that block of wood. :)

RK -

Yes - I've done that, too.

Joe -

I love that. :) Hope you did, too.

Anil P said...

Walking among flowers this pretty must be a tonic to the mind's eye.

Lynn said...

Anil -

Absolutely - it is.