Friday, April 29, 2011

Taste, the bride and up early

- I love love love this video from 1966 and have an odd memory of it, especially the part in which Herb Alpert is running on the beach with his trumpet. It's a video of the song I was talking about last week that I heard at the lunch place.

- A bride's radiant smile as she waves to cheering crowds.

- Wondering how many other people are up early watching the wedding festivities of a couple thousands of miles away. I watched his parents' wedding, too, so wouldn't miss this one.

I hope you make some good memories this weekend, my friends - have a great one!


Fireblossom said...

When I was ten or eleven, the TJB were soooo popular. You wouldn't know it now.

happygirl said...

I didn't see the vows, but I watching the end right now. She is beautiful.

Lynn said...

FB -

My dad had all their albums. I ordered a couple of CDs and they came this week - I am looking forward to back porch time this weekend with TJB playing in the background. :)

happygirl -

I had to leave for work around 7am as they were walking back down the aisle - but I did see the arrivals and the ceremony. Loved seeing David Beckham in a suit and all those crazy hats.

desk49 said...

You too have a great one.

Mama Zen said...

I confess. I watched the wedding.

Sara said...


Isn't it nice that we have the capacity to store our memories and bring them out of minds when we want to remember.

I used to love Herb Albert. My favorite song was "The Girl From Ipanema." I used to listen that song over and over again:~)

Hey, thanks for the memories!

Jannie Funster said...

Geez, he sure was spritely, and in shape running with that and up over those rocks like that. I'll have to beach run with my guitar for a video one day. :)

I bet they'll have a long lovely married life. I think Diana watched from heaven today too.


TALON said...

My Mom is British so we have to watch the wedding and have our own running commentary :) They look so so happy - I wish them a lifetime of it.

I love that song - it just makes you feel good.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, Lynn!

Ileana said...

Another royal wedding...and the Prince looks like he has a much sweeter heart than his daddy. Loved thevway he looked at his chica while she recited her vows. Very romantic and so beautiful!

Happy Friday, girl friend! :)

Riot Kitty said...

I saw a headline that 2 billion (billion! Like Carl Sagan billion!) people watched that wedding.

Geez, I didn't even want guests to watch mine!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Fun video-
I liked the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine's dress alot- but she looked way too thin! I was staying up late to watch it, n only had a couple hours of sleep before work after that. It felt weird to be a stranger anon tv guest, I think.
Some of those hats were very odd...

Have a good week-end!

Granny Annie said...

The T.B. inspired a crush I had on a trumpet player back in the day)

No wedding watching for me.

Sparkling Red said...

I was 8 years old when Charles and Dianna got married. It was a different time back then, or maybe I'm just remembering my own childish naivete. I couldn't be nearly as excited this time around, unfortunately. I suppose I have become jaded. Still, I wish the young couple all the best.

sage said...

I didn't get up for the wedding-but my dog did and he got me up... I was furious with mutt because he could have gotten those watching the wedding to let him out and let me sleep. Hence, I did get to see the vows, then back for another hour of sleep.

Lynn said...

Ellis -

Thank you - it's been good so far.

Mama Zen -

Yeah - I watched live and then later recordings of the rest of it.

Sara -

Sometimes I think I go overboard on my blog talking about my late father, but he was gone so suddenly that I wish I had him back for just five minutes to tell him how much I loved him. Listening to his favorite music makes it all better somehow.

Jannie -

I loved how they had the hymn sang at Diana's funeral as the opening hymn of the wedding - I think she was watching, too. I'll never forget the night she died - I couldn't sleep and turned on the TV to hear that the princess had died. It still sends chills.

Hey - you could make a video like that, for sure. Let's have it.


Talon -

I hear the royal couple will be visiting Canada this summer - I'll bet your mom will like that. :)

Lynn said...

Ily -

I agree - looks as if he has the heart of his mother. I loved that, too.

I hope your weekend is good, too, ambiguita!

Riot Kitty -

I'm with ya - if I ever get married again: city hall probably.

Snaggle -

It looked like she had lost some weight - I guess when you know so many cameras will be on you...

Loved those hats - especially Fergie's girls. :)

Granny Annie -

I used to like trumpet players, too - my ex-husband played the trumpet. :)

Sparkling Red -

In a world gone a bit mad (seems to me anyway) - I thank the Brits for the wedding. :)

Sage -

lol! Love that. :)