Friday, March 21, 2014

Actual trees, solar tree and dragonflies

- A morning drive for a work errand - I took the scenic route through a beautiful neighborhood and found more blooming trees.  It was good to see the sun today and I couldn't resist pausing on this peaceful road before going on my way.

- And near my office - this solar "tree" was erected in honor of the first day of spring.  The company says it will help power their electric vehicles.  It's a show stopping sight, I think.

- I love dragonflies and someone had my company print a fancy ball invitation that featured a beautiful one.  This lead to a discussion about dragonflies - one work friend saying they eat mosquitoes and another saying they eat termites.  And I just think they are beautiful, but have learned now that they are hardworking, too.

It's Friday!  Happy weekend!


LL Cool Joe said...

I also read that Dragonflies don't sting like we think they do.

I love the solar tree, I think the panels on roof tops look horrid, but the tree looks like a work of art. Very clever.

Elephant's Child said...

Love the solar tree - and would happily plant an orchard of them.

Leonora said...

Thank you for that beautiful shot of flowering trees. I know it's heading my way and now I'm even more excited!
I never saw a solar tree like that. It's pretty cool!

Joanne said...

I'm so excited to see some growth on the trees as well!!

Granny Annie said...

Hooray for signs of Spring! Yes they must be coming my way too.

There is something about Dragonflies. They are either good luck or bad luck, I can't remember. Guess I shall have to research it. If they eat mosquitoes they are more than welcome here.

Louvregirl said...

I think 'solar trees' should be popping up all over the US! Thank you for sharing that. Lynn~consider starting your own "Solar Tree" company...I think it could go somewhere!

Hope you have a great weekend, Lynn! :-)

TALON said...

Dragonflies are neat and I've always loved watching them flit above a pond consuming the mozzies. :) That solar tree is neat. Never saw panels erected like that before!

Betty Manousos said...

love the solar tree.
i read somewhere...dragonflies have visual senses that would be considered superpowers by any human standards. i love dragonflies, too.

happy spring!

big hugs!

Betty Manousos said...

...and a very happy weekend!

Riot Kitty said...

I have always loved dragonflies, and if they eat mosquitoes, I love them even more.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That first Spring Photo is so very very lovely....I can see why you stopped! And the Solar Tree is AMAZING!!
I've always loved Dragonfly's and know very little about them---I love that they clean up the environment by taking care of those Mosquito's....!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - isn't it wonderful Spring is definitely here .. cold as it might be in the UK today! Still the trees are budding ...

... and yes we have solar panels around .. not so many trees that I've spotted!

Dragon flies are beautiful aren't they .. and they eat mozzies and small insects .. eg ants - aren't termites somewhat bigger?

Cheers Hilary

desk49 said...

Trees trees of all kinds
Now who would ever know
About those pesky dragonflies
One bit me on the toe
Now I’m not a termite
Or a mosquito you see
But that little dragonfly
Took a bit of me

Sparkling Red said...

Oh my gosh. Spring flowers! I am very jealous. ;-) On the other hand it gives me hope that it may EVENTUALLY stop snowing in Toronto. Maybe.

carmilevy said...

You take such lovely, make-you-think photos. That solar tree is amazing: I wish they were everywhere. Imagine being able to plug in - a car, a laptop, whatever - wherever you are, and all powered by the sun.

The geek in me wishes this could be a universal truth. Fingers crossed!

Jannie Funster said...

COOLest solar tree ever!!

Dragonflies are just The Best, good luck to site them too.

A mosquito hawk (do you have those there?) befriended me the other night. They are right up there with dragonflies in my books -- so useful. oxoxo

Lee said...

Show-stopping...I can think of a better description; but I'll keep it to myself! ;)

However, on the other hand, those trees in your first photo are so beautiful.

Sara said...

I like the solar tree. That's cute and made me laugh.

Oh, don't get me started on dragonflies. I adore them, especially at the beach, where they will sometimes swarm. Tons of them all in one small space!

You can really see how quickly they maneuver up and down, this way and that, but never running into each other. They remind me of little helicopters. AND they do eat mosquitoes, but I don't know about termites? Interesting.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Solar Trees are such a great idea-

Lynn said...

Joe -

I hadn't heard they are thought to sting. I've always loved them.

It is kind of like a work of art.

Elephant's Child -

Me, too. :)

Leonora -

It is heading your way and I look forward to your photos.

Joanne -

I know - it's lovely, isn't it?

Grannie Annie -

I think good luck. We'll go with that. Yes - on the mosquitoes. :)

Lynn said...

lg -

I think that solar company across the street is hoping to do just that!

Talon -

My coworker John thinks it looks as if someone is trying to communicate with aliens.

Betty -

I love that! Superpowers. :)

Big hugs to you!

Riot Kitty -

I've always loved them, too.

Naomi -

It is amazing - it is definitely stopping traffic.

Lynn said...

Hilary -

I love that you and Talon call mosquitoes "mozzies" - I haven't heard that before. :)

Cheers to you!

Ellis -

Love the poem, but don't like to hear that a dragonfly bit you on the toe! Oh my.

Sparkling Red -

All in good time, my friend.

Carmi -

Thanks for that and thanks for stopping by!

Jannie -

Have never heard of that kind of hawk. Hmmm....

Good to see you!


Lynn said...

Lee -

Yes - a bit unbeautiful, but it fits right in the industrial area where I work. Fortunately, there are many beautiful trees mixed in there, too.

Sara -

Little heliocopters. I like that. And I'd love to see lots of them at once.

Snaggle -

I think so, too.

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