Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All in a row, beautiful exit and leaving midtown

- We are having a run of un-sunny days in the Atlanta area, but the blooms persist in popping out anyway (and are probably loving the rain.)  Purple hyacinths, all in a row, presented themselves at the group mailbox at the condos.  I love how they look as if they are throwing their leaves up in glee.

- The drive through at the bank presented this cherry tree at the exit.  (On Chattahoochee Avenue near my office.)

- Leaving midtown Atlanta (on 14th Street) around 6pm, after volunteer work.  If you click to enlarge, you can just see some blooming tulips over there in front of that building.  So pretty.  And I can't believe I caught a moment with no cars coming by.  :)

It's almost spring, y'all!


Louvregirl said...

Lynn! Thanks for stopping by! I had *just* posted that! Thank you for the flower pics; we have none yet. Yes~a dark poem about the hard side of life.

Good quote for this week by Pastor T.D. Jakes: "If you can't change it (or fix it), just outlive it."

Lisa said...

I really need it to be spring already. I spent yesterday wrapped in my robe and a blanket. I'm sure by summer I will be complaining of the heat with everyone else around here, but right now I really need things to warm up.

LL Cool Joe said...

We've been having days of dry sunny weather here in the UK, it's been so good!

I do grin when I see drive through banks in the States, I wish we had them here in the UK!

Sara said...

Good job with the photography:~) I liked the one you caught with no cars...that is unusual. It's nice to Atlanta is finally enjoying some spring. YEAH:~)

TALON said...

Tulips!! Blossoms!!! What is this? Is there talk of Spring? Because we're expecting snow tonight. Yeah. Snow. When it should be bloomin' beautiful here, too. Glad it is for you, Lynn. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Warm enough for pretty flowers is a big plus! We still had frosted grass last night... Nifty!

Elephant's Child said...

How very beautiful. I bet the bed those hyacinths are dancing in smells wonderful too.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - I always had those deep blue hyacinths for my mother .. just love them and as all spring flowers, or flowering trees ... and longer light.

Wonderfully well spotted and caught on camera for us .. Spring is definitely springing! Cheers Hilary

Fireblossom said...

So pretty!

Lynn said...

lg -

So true - that quote.

Lisa -

It was nicer today in Atlanta, but still a little chilly for the first day of spring.

Joe -

Good - that's nice. Interesting that they don't - it's pretty convenient.

Sara -

Taken with the iPhone - no special skills here. :)

Talon -

They're hanging around under that snow just waiting to pop out - you'll see.

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

All in good time, my friend - the warmth will come your way.

Elephant's Child -

Yes - smells like spring.

Hilary -

The longer light is amazing - I was resistant to it at first, but now it's nice to see some daylight when I get home from work.

FB -

I think so, too. :)

Louvregirl said...

Oh!!! So nice to see flowers. I learned tonight that they are expecting snow here on Tues/Wed; "Ooooooh Noooo!" Are you kidding me???! Please do keep the blooms and the buds coming Lynn. I am longing for some color! And white doesn't count!

Unknown said...

I love the flower pics! We're having some sun, some rain, but cherry blossoms are out and that is a good sign.

Riot Kitty said...

Oh BTW that last one was from me. Mr. RK had signed in!

Lee said...

And it's Autumn here; although one finds it very difficult to believe. We're having a last run of heat; and it's quite a lengthy run!

Granny Annie said...

Makes me wonder what they are saying to each other.

Our bank had a row of pear trees.

If you waited all day intentionally to take that picture, you would never have caught it void of traffic but as it was you were a lucky duck at just the right moment.

Lynn said...

lg -

Yes - I'm thinking you might have snow on the ground now. My sis is VA is at her wit's end over it.

Lazlo/RK :) -

Yes - a great sign!

Lee -

So interesting that our seasons are opposite from each other.

Granny Annie -

I think they are saying, "Hi!" to everyone passing in a car or walking their dog. :) I smile at them each time I pass.