Friday, August 12, 2016

Out and about on a busy week

This is a sort of round up of photos taken during my recent short vacation with my sisters.  I had such a hodge podge of random photos that I thought they belong together.  

 - After I uploaded photos from my phone the other day, I couldn't think at first what this was.  And then I remembered - it's the N5 entrance of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta  (one of many entrances).  I was picking up my sister from her incoming flight and was afraid I'd forget the direction my car was in, so I took a photo of it.  It's a massive airport, with equally massive parking and everything is letter and number coded.  I did remember this label though - probably because I took the time to snap the photo.

- I do love grits for breakfast.  My sisters and I thought this "10 Commandment of Grits" on the menu at Mary's Southern Grill in Young Harris, Georgia was funny.  :)

- Elvis graces the entrance of the furniture department of Alexander's Store in Blairsville, Georgia, where they sell "everything under the sun."  

- Brasstown, North Carolina, population 240, is home to a rather colorful convenience store, named "Clay's Corner."  The Clay's Corner website proclaims Brasstown as "opossum capital of the world."  Hmm - a dubious claim to fame, but it helps to explain the label on this water my sister brought back from inside the store.  That's her arm there - she was frowning at me for snapping her photo, but I only wanted the water bottle in the picture. 

- We were surprised to see these pink flowers (lilies?) that sprang up, or "volunteered" as our late mom used to say, in the flower bed next to my sister's vacation home, in which a profusion of orange daylilies were growing in July.

That's it.  I decided not to put Elvis in the title of my post, although it's always so interesting to see how many hits a post will get if you put something popular, like Elvis, in the title.  :)  Happy weekend, y'all!


Elephant's Child said...

Love your pot-pourri of photos.
Grits? I have read about them, but plead ignorance.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn - I hate driving to large airports ... I avoid Heathrow now. Good idea to note where you are ... and Grits - always rather thought I'd like them - but not for breakfast ... though that image is fun to read.

Those pink flowers have become available over here - I think! I got some blue ones when my mother was alive and they lasted well in water ... I can't remember what they're called!

Cheers and so glad you had such fun times with your sisters ... Hilary

Granny Annie said...

You are so brilliant. Who else would think to photograph their entrance. I shall use this tactic from now on when going to unfamiliar places.

Wish I could read Ron the rules of grits. He would love it. If you don't eat grits with spoon are you supposed to use your fingers? And what if pancakes are on the same plate and syrup slips over onto the grits. Yikes! LOL

It is way past time for me to be with my sister. We live so close but both stay too busy with kids and grandkids ...and get away from home.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Nice selection of photos!

baili said...

Cool selection of pics each has uniqueness of it's own glad you had great time with your sister dear

desk49 said...

O-possum water grits
Would have brought me around
Now the N5 would have
Keep you from the lost and not found
Who knows Elvis might have
Been there once right
And who is to say might be
Hunted that sight

Sparkling Red said...

I have eaten grits a few times in the past, since my ex's family was from Indianapolis. I don't remember what we put on the grits. I sincerely hope it wasn't syrup! :-)
The flowers are delightful.

Lee said...

It's panic time when you forget where you've parked your car in a car park!!

My time is lost this past week and this coming week....I'm addicted to the Olympics!

Louvregirl said...

Love the grits commandments! Although they do serve tremendous breakfasts here in Milwaukee (often with many different kinds of sausages and of course, all things done with real cheese and a selection of different kinds of it...) they never have grits on the menu here....:-(

Lynn said...

I used to mail them to my sister when she lived in Alaska. :)

Lynn said...

I don't know - I use a spoon (not a fork) at home all the time. Good thing these folks aren't watching!