Monday, October 15, 2012

Mystery dot, coffee all around and quiet weekend

- The driveway into my condos Saturday morning around 9:30am.  I have no idea where that blue dot came from, but I love this scene for the sunlight dappled street and signs that the trees are turning color.

- Discovering all the different coffee that can be had from take out places since my home coffee maker died. Another is on the way from the bank points catalog, but until it arrives, my favorite is Starbucks (albeit a bit pricey.)

- Finally catching up on recorded shows via my DVR - a quiet weekend, and very restful.


Granny Annie said...

Remember the ad for the "blue-dot for sure shot"? It was a type of flashbulb. Now remember when we had to use flashbulbs on our cameras.

I could not manage to wait for my morning coffee until I was dressed and out the door heading for Starbucks. Got to have it as soon as my feet hit the floor. Go to WalMart and get a $9 Mr. Coffee Maker.

Couldn't wait to watch my recording of THE GOOD WIFE and learned Ron stopped the recording and didn't tell me. We have now had a valuable discussion about that:)

Jeremy Bates said...

The blue dot is weird. Perhaps it is the beginning of an alien invasion. lol

Yeah Starbucks is good but a little pricey considering what it is.

Lynn said...

Grannie Annie -

This is the first year since The Amazing Race has been on that I've missed it. I somehow stopped the recording of it the first night it was on and decided that was a sign that I'm watching too much TV. Plus football screws up the schedule.

My free Hamilton Beach coffee maker from the banking / credit card points should arrive any day. Let's hope. :)

Hmmm... maybe that's where that dot came from.

Jeremy -

So weird - I hope it's not an invasion. :)

G. B. Miller said...

I can tolerate most coffess, except for D&D as it to me, it tastes a little sweet.

I agree that Starbucks can be expensive, and I find that I have to use an extra Sweet&Low in order to have to my drinking preference (I normally use 3).

Full-On-Forward said...

They are trying the new 4 dot traffic light--Blue means NO TEXTING!!!

Great shot Lynn!

John Boy

Fireblossom said...

It's an orb. It's the spirit of Bobby Cox, come back to haunt that umpire!

Chatty Crone said...

I wonder what that blue dot was? I love Starbucks - good strong coffee!

Riot Kitty said...

Starbucks has more caffeine per capita, as it were, than any other brand known to man, so no wonder it's your favorite ;) But you have no thoughts on a man-eating chicken?

Elephant's Child said...

I'm a tea drinker and I resent (bitterly) being forced to pay multiple dollars for someone to jiggle a tea bag up and down. Humph.

Glad you got a quiet weekend - it has been a while. The street looks lovely, but the blue dot is a tad disturbing.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I have some blank pixel dots in a few shots also- More likely to happen in sunlight for some reason. Of course it helps to have a paint program to color them in. Lovely scene anyway!

Starbucks always is too strong for me, but had some when I went to Maine to stay awake on the ride back. Hope you load up on home favorites to try when your order comes in.

I need that quietude! Lucky you all rested up- I so miss my movies on vhs n dvd (both broken). On regular TV recently saw Smoky n The Bandit and Rocky. Brought back great memories of seeing them with my parents.

Lynn said...

G -

I don't like sweetener in my coffee - only a little skim milk to take the edge off. I get a grande nonfat latte at Starbucks - a big splurge.

John -

Hey - I like that idea. :)

FB -

Ah Bobby - maybe that's it.

Sandie -

I've been there three work mornings in a row and there are always the same people in line. I've nicknamed one guy "sweater vest."

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

That and that someone got me started with the Starbucks card thing. :)

Yeah - I don't know how I missed that post, but I've commented now.

The Elephant's Child -

I don't like to buy hot tea out either - it does seem like a crime to have to pay for that.

Snaggle -

I took that shot with my iPhone camera - maybe it's the sunlight causing that, as you say.

Leonora said...

Our college daughter discovered Starbucks. But she gets the 5000 calorie drinks like pumpkin cream, something, something.
I couldn't survive without my morning cup!

Betty Manousos said...

i think that that blue dot is probably a lens flare in the photo.

oh, and i love starbucks coffee!
glad you had a quiet weekend

big hugs!


Shionge said...

What a nice weekend indeed are you and sorry for not visiting I am now :D

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, you can't go wrong with Starbucks -- nice and strong. Whole Foods too, and they let you get cheap refills!!

LOL at FireBlossom. :)

I was lost between coffee makers too. The one I got cost just $12.00. Good 'ol WalMart. But a FREE one like you earned is sweetness indeed!

Nice drive. And what were you doing out early Sat.? Returning from yoga?? Or were you going out? Lovely leafy haven for you.


Lynn said...

Leonora -

I hear other people ordering those concoctions. :) And I can't survive without it either.

Betty -

A camera lens flare - good to know. Big hugs to you!

Shionge -

So good to see you. I'll be at your blog shortly.

Jannie -

I'll be so glad when the new one (finally) comes.

I was coming back from walking with my friends - we have a regular Saturday morning walk in the park. Usually beginning at 8am. :)

Hope you are well.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lynn .. I love the blue dot - it is extraordinary isn't it - but great photo ..

Cheers Hilary