Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunday night favorite, proud gran and remembrance

 Photo from PBS

- They make me so happy - although I only saw about 45 minutes of Downton Abbey before falling asleep on the couch.  Thanks to my recording device, I can finish it tonight (as temperature drops to record lows.)

- Church friend Susan passing down photos of her tiny grandchildren in their Christmas Day pjs just before the service starts.

- Overhearing a man call his wife of many years "Mom" - and smiling when remembering that my dad used to do the same thing with my mother. 


Louvregirl said...

Love love the 'Victorian Era' and their clothes (especially.) Love to study the clothing design, fabric etc. of this era. How hard it must have been to tailor these clothes! Shoot! Oh~ love the hats, too. Hope you are well enough, Lynn!

Fireblossom said...

I saw on Weather Channel that you guys are due for zero degree weather!!! Be safe, Lynn.

TALON said...

Haven't watched the episode yet - will be a treat for this evening when the winds are howling and the snow is blowing. :)

Chatty Crone said...

That is right - it is starting up again!

Elephant's Child said...

Stsy safe, stay warm. And indulge yourself as you hunker down.

Riot Kitty said...

I have only seen one episode, but I liked it. I feel like I am so behind though!

Granny Annie said...

Thanks to Simply June on my sidebar I am able to watch Downton Abbey each year the day after each episode is broadcast in the UK so I have already seen all of Season 4. I won't spoil anything for you, but if you fail to record any episode, you can get it there.

Every Christmas Eve Santa brings my daughter's entire family new pajamas to help them rest better for their Christmas morning surprises.

I am not remembering any of my grandparents or my parents calling each other mom or dad. I have heard that on TV shows. There were times Ron would call me Granny Annie to get my attention when all the grandchildren were here because that was all I would answer to.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've never seen that show- may've wondered what it was channel-surfing not long ago-
My daughter does the new Xmas PJ's thing for pics too. Maybe she was mothering him with advice?

Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm not looking forward to my walk today- Stay warm!

Joanne said...

Yay Downton!! Can't wait until next week!

Sara said...

Are you cold enough? I took a walk today and thought I was going to freeze to death. I didn't, of course, but it was really, really COLD. My birdbath is still frozen. After I finish visits, I will go out and free it. The birds keep trying to drink from it. GUILT.

Even if I do get rid of the ice, it will BACK, but the weekend promises to be warmer.

This is my first round of visits in 2014 and I love coming here and seeing your THREE. There's something so comforting about three good things that you noticed in your life:~)

I also have the new Downton Abbey recorded. Since my husband likes the show, but works late, we may not see until the weekend. Something to look forward to:~)

Jannie Funster said...

Kelly mused to me the other day that I address her father as "Dad." I guess we just get into talking that way. :)

Wow, record lows -- Stay warm!

And falling asleep on the couch sounds very comforting and cozy.

take care!


Lynn said...

lg -

I always wonder if they were either freezing cold or hot (in the summer.) I love the detail, too. I am well enough, my friend.

FB -

It got down to 5 degrees yesterday morning. See blog today. And thanks, FB!

Talon -

It's a good episode with a new "villain"!

Sandie -


Lynn said...

Elephant's Child -

I stayed warm and safe. Thank you. And I indulged myself last night by stopping for good take out dinner.

Riot Kitty -

I would start at the beginning and watch all the episodes on Hulu or Netflix. It's awesome.

Granny Annie -

Thanks for the tip - I've never heard of Simply June. I'll check it out.

That's nice about the pjs and that's so neat that being called Granny Annie would get your attention. :) Love that.

Snaggle -

I hope you were OK for your walk and have good boots for that.

Lynn said...

Joanne -

I know - me, too. :)

Sara -

I'm so delighted for you that you have have a husband now - so nice that the two of you got married.

And so strange that you have freezing weather like that down there!

Jannie -

Yes - I think most parents end up doing that so that the kids won't call you by your first name. :)


LL Cool Joe said...

I've never seen Downtown Abby. I never watch TV, but I've heard great things about the programme.

Kids in Christmas pjs always brings a smile to my face too. :)