Friday, October 3, 2014

Gathered by nature, drive by laughter and great work spot

- On a bright October afternoon, spotting a rock drawing someone scratched onto a wall at the park near work.  If click to enlarge, you can see the beauty of the rocks and leaves gathered by nature on the lower right.

- From Mr Cs Bar & Grill sign:  Safer than the White House.  Indeed!  The sign made me lol when I passed it on my way into work this morning, so the lol cat is in honor of that.  :)  It was raining (again), so no way to stop and get a pic. 

- Mr Cs and the park where the drawing was are about 1/2 mile from each other.  Truly a wonderful blend of urban life and nature in my workplace of NW Atlanta.

It's my 1400th post today.  How about that?   Hope you have a great weekend, my friends!


Elephant's Child said...

1400 posts?!!!
Love and laughter to you. Always.
And I love the gathered by nature shot - the little things are big in my world.

Lee said...

Happy 1400th!! A good reason for a celebration, I say! I don't mind being the first one to raise a glass of good cheers! Cheers!

I too love your rock-nature pic...and I love the cat! :)

Leonora said...

1400! Time slips away second by second...or post by post : )

Nature is swirling and gathering the colored leaves up here too!

Fireblossom said...

Wow, that's a lot of posts! Congratulations! I laughed hard at "safer than the White House".

Ileana said...

I love street art and I like the idea of random rock drawings. It'd be fun to do this with chalk while the sun is out. :)

That cat sign made me LOL, too. Good one!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Nice Urban scrawl there... Glad Mr C's is doing the funny sign. Way safer than the White House I bet- Funny cat pun. Good substitute.
Congrats on 1400!
Hope the rain lets up for the rest of your week-end.

Sparkling Red said...

That's a lot of posts! I just did my 700th recently, and I've been at it since 2007.

I love that lolcat. Nothing's better than a good pun.

TALON said...

1400 Good Things. What could be better? :)

Granny Annie said...

Happy 1400th!

Funny Cat:)

I drew that chalk picture.

Riot Kitty said...

Happy 1,400! I love that LOLcat...

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh come on you could have stopped to take a photo, the rain shouldn't put you off!! :D

Congratulations on so many great positive posts!!