Friday, February 13, 2015

One piper piping, glorious dish and happy V day!

- The sanctuary of my church last Saturday morning, after we hung tartans in preparation for our annual Kirking of the Tartans service on Sunday.  Tartan carriers would carry those tartans on the left and right in a solemn procession up the aisle on Sunday morning, accompanied by a piper playing Highland Cathedral.  That's the piper above (click to enlarge) and his proud parents, both recording his practice on their phones.

- How could I not show you the glorious dish of fried lobster I had on Saturday night at my favorite Thai restaurant?  I've always wanted to try this, but wasn't expecting the lobster shell to be on top.  :)  I almost took it home! 

- I'm ignoring that today is Friday the 13th and wishing you a happy day tomorrow with these camellias from my sister's garden.  Happy Valentines Day, y'all!

And hope you have a happy weekend, too!


LL Cool Joe said...

Nothing more appealing than proud parents! Beautiful looking church.

Happy Valentines day to you too, and have a great weekend!

Leonora said...

Oh my goodness, all three photos are perfectly beautiful in their own way!
The tartans display is really striking. I have a feeling it's one of those solemn, historic rituals that would bring tears to my eyes if I were to witness it.
Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Betty Manousos said...

gosh, that fried lobster looks so tempting! my mouth's watering.

happy valentine's day weekend!

big hugs~xoxo

desk49 said...

One piper piping
one tail a flopping
some sis flowers missing
one day a skipping
and a V daying
for one and all

Sorry not a nothing ing
is my rhyme ending
a question we'll be seeing
and a V daying
for one and all

Mama Zen said...

That lobster looks divine!

Granny Annie said...

I have never heard of that tartan Sunday. Interesting. Lobster is the best! I am more interested in the bowl your flowers are in than the flowers. It looks like a vintage bowl or is it a modern copy.

Jannie Funster said...

Yes, what a gorgeous church!

And YESSSS on that meal, wow. I be it was amazing.

What a beautiful kitchen she has, I hope to have that kind of granite when we re-do our kitchen.


sage said...

Beautiful--we have a tartan kirkin' coming up this weekend.

Lynn said...

Joe -

I think so, too. I hope you had a happy Valentines Day.

Leonora -

Thank you! The men in the choir said they choked up when everyone came down the aisle. I was the "Beadle" - the bearer of the large church bible.

Betty -

It was pretty darn good.

Ellis -

I always love my poem from you, Ellis! Hope you are well.

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

It was pretty divine.

Granny Annie -

This photo was taken at my sister's house in December, so it's her vase, but would have belonged to her late mother-in-law before. I suspect it would be vintage - Grace always had such nice things.

Jannie -

She does have a nice kitchen - I love to cook with her in there.


Sage -

You do? That's awesome and hope you post about it.

Riot Kitty said...

One piper piping! I love it. Guess what song I have in my head now?

Sparkling Red said...

We are in such a deep freeze in Toronto at the moment that it's difficult to imagine live flowers in anyone's backyard. They are beautiful! Thanks for the reminder that the sun is still warm somewhere in the world.

Lee said...

While waiting for the proceedings to begin and the other guests to arrive to the church at the wedding I attended on Saturday last, I had quite a lengthy chat with the organist. She was a lovely woman. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Pretty church scene there! Bet it sounded great too.
I don't have any lobster shells around, due to food allergy. Thai must be tasty-
Gorgeous flowers! I got a sale African Violet today- Most of the old ones didn't make another year this round.