Monday, June 1, 2009

Weeds, refreshing and Archie to wed

- This pot of weeds (shown in foreground) that amazes me for its propensity to sprout out anything that might come along. I have left it as is for its happy profusion of weeds, but green thumb neighbors just do not understand.

- An elderly man bagging groceries at Publix seems a bit chagrined that the woman in line ahead of me refused his offer to take her groceries to her car. I take him up on it, telling him I sensed his disappointment before. He shakes his head and says, "It's my job!" How refreshing!

- NPR reporting that Archie (of comics fame) will marry Veronica! Finally, some closure after all these years. NPR says that the Archie comics have a huge following in India and Kenya and interviewed men and women on the streets there about the impending nuptials. In general, the men seemed more pro-Veronica, but the women weighed heavily in favor of Betty (who can cook and fix cars, I'm just saying.)


G said...


Archie picked Veronica over Betty?

Is he nuts?

Talon said...

I love the tenacity of weeds - and some are quite beautiful! You've got a great variety there - one looks like a seedling from a nearby tree.

Chivalry isn't dead - YES!

I haven't read an Archie comic in years and years, but wasn't Veronica the rich one?

Lynn said...

G - Can you believe it? Yes - nuts, for not picking Betty. I don't think the actual publication of this is not until September, but the story has been "leaked." So maybe there could be the drama of mind changing in offing. :)

Talon - my neighbor downstairs is populating the earth with beautiful plantings and is afraid my weed keeping will somehow taint the area. The seedling you see might be from a tulip poplar - I had one come up in the same pot before.

Actually Publix offers the carry-out service as part of the baggers' jobs, but hardly anyone ever actually offers to do it. I think that is chivalry and a great work ethic, too.

Veronica is the rich girl and Betty is the girl-next-door. It used to be my favorite comicbook back in the day. :) I had the same reaction as G when I heard that on the radio. What?!?

Jannie Funster said...

On no -- Veronica's only going to give him a life of misery with her spolied wily ways. No!! It must be stopped!! (Not that I've read those comics in over 30 years, but I still care deeply.)

Lynn said...

Same here! I used to have quite a collection of Archie comic books. They would probably have been worth a fortune by now. Hmmm - what happened to them, I wonder?

I still care deeply, too, on behalf of the Bettys in the world. :)