Friday, August 14, 2009

Directions, discovery and the Blue Ribbon

- These fun signs beside Tommy's Store in tiny Hayesville, NC that point in the direction of other cities, New York, Asheville, Miami, etc. So many directions we could go... I am off to Pensacola, Florida this morning for the weekend and hope to have some pictures for Monday.

- Discovering another library I can use in the nearby suburb of Clarkston, Georgia. Telling the librarian how much I admire the new library, he says it has been there for 15 years. Oops. :)

- A lovely dinner with an old friend at the Blue Ribbon Grill where the slogan is: "You Gotta Eat Somewhere and We Need the Money." Black and Bleu steak salad and a summery pineapple and rum drink in a martini glass. Yum.


Maude Lynn said...

The Blue Ribbon sounds like my kind of place!

Cookie said...

Those signs are hysterical!

TALON said...

Well, you were sort of right about the libray - it WAS new to you - lol!

I love the Blue Ribbon Grill's attitude. That drink sounds yummy!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

The Blue Ribbon is a down to earth place - love the staff there.

Cookie -

I know - those signs were so unexpected. :)

Talon -

The drink was yummy - unusual for me to get a drink like that. It was fun for a change.

Lance said...

The library...Lynn, that is so funny! Makes you wonder about other stuff you it new, or just new to you. At least...that's how it is with me!

The Blue Ribbon sounds pretty all right!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I love those signs!
Have yourself a wonderful trip to Pennsecola. My sis recently drove there from near Clearwater to pick-up visiting grand-kids.
That grille sounds like an honest place to feed-

Lynn said...

Lance -

I love a library - this one will be a nice addition.

Snaggle -

Yes - I am in P'cola right now - all the other gals are athletically out for a walk. Me -computer and coffee. Love it here on the gulf.