Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomato sandwich, vs. tomato pie and happy mail

- This lovely haul of tomatoes from co-worker Bobby's garden. We have a discussion about the best use of tomatoes and agree a tomato sandwich is the best of all. Fresh bread, slices of salted tomato and Duke's Mayonnaise, properly eaten while standing over the kitchen sink.

- vs. a yummy looking tomato pie recipe that I spotted on the Simply Recipes blog that I want to make. Bobby thinks that is a waste of good "home grown" tomatoes - so this might be Sherry's Produce stand tomato material. :)

- Looking in the mailbox and seeing just one happy item: a picture postcard from a vacationing friend who reports "sea air, sunshine, super views and soul-surrendering sensational simmerings of song and sacred silences."


G said...

Great alliteration by your friend with the postcard.

The tomato sandwiches sound purty good too.

Lynn said...

G -

Isn't that great? I love getting a treat in the mail like that. Most of the time it's just bills and catalogs.

Love a tomato sammy and will have one for lunch.

Talon said...

What's this? No pepper on the sandwich?? I love pepper on tomatoes and I love a toasted tomato sandwich followed by a hot cup of tea.

Yay! for happy mail~!

Lynn said...

Talon -

Sometimes I'll put some freshly ground pepper - but mostly just sea salt. Sounds lovely with a cup of tea!

Mama Zen said...

I vote for the tomato sandwich!

Lynn said...

Mama Zen -

I know. Yum. Love me some coffee, too!

Kim said...

I think I got a cramp in my tongue from reading that postcard sentiment! :)
I Used to love a tomato sliced with a sprinkle of sugar on them.
*proofread this time to avoid silly spelling errors, sorry! :)

Lynn said...

Kim -

If there were errors last time, I missed them. :) Sugar on a tomato - I'll wouldn't have thought of that. Sounds tasty.

Jannie Funster said...

On whole wheat right? Big grainy bread. Cucumber on mine, please. :)

That postcard sounds just a little weird to me!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Well, you may've noticed I've been avoiding tomatoe comments- Due to being allergic to uncooked ones! Mine would be stewed, or sauced. I made my own ketchup once from my garden toms, back in the old house on the other side of town. My kids used to eat them, tho-
I had corn n strawberries there too- Here they won't grow.
A postcard! I'm jealous! Don't know anyone away at vaca this year!

Lynn said...

Jannie -

Yes - whole wheat. Absolutely. And cucumber is a great addition. I like to make gazpacho, but haven't yet this year.

Glad you are back! xoxo

Snaggle -

What a terrible thing to be allergic to! I'm sorry. I'm allergic to dairy products, but can take them in small amounts.

Yes - there was at least one vacationer this year. I love getting postcards and this inspires me to send them more often.

Lance said...

The tomatoes look so, so good! For me, it's simply a slice of one of those...a slice of heaven...

Lynn said...

Lance -

I liked displaying them in the pottery colander I got for Christmas - they look beautiful in it.

We do that a lot in the south, too - a slice of tomato on the plate with the rest of a meal. Yum...