Friday, August 7, 2009

Madly running, phenomenon and winner

- In one of their golf cart runs, my sister managed to photograph her dog Moby, who had captured an unfortunate iguana. Not a good thing for the iguana, but what a photo! Sis took the picture while Moby was running mad laps around and around the cart.

- This article in the Atlantic online that grabbed me with the headline "Running Under the Influence." The event is a worldwide phenomenon - a running club in Tokyo sponsors the event, called the Beer Mile relay, in which one must chug a beer without dripping and then run a mile. And then they didn't drive, but went to have snacks. :)

- Congratulations to Hardy Wallace, local wine connoisseur, who won the most votes in a contest to become the social media spokesperson for the Murphy-Goode winery in Sonoma Valley, California. Hardy will make $10,000 per month for the next six months to promote the winery using social media. His exuberant video submission got him his dream job. Go Hardy!


TALON said...

What a fantastic photo - totally captures Moby's energy and excitement. Poor iguana! I imagine that Moby (who is an absolutely gorgeous boy!) was probably doing victory laps :)

I'm thinking the beer race phenomenon will be changing - it will become how many beers can you drink in 2 minutes and run 50 feet! I can see the crash action now and the disqualifications as people stagger out of their designated lanes.

Congrats, Hardy!

Lynn said...

Talon -

He is a gorgeous boy and full of energy. When I arrive at their house he runs around and around my car in excitement. :) The county extension agent says the iguana was probably pet to someone nearby who let it get out and it crossed paths with Moby. (They retrieved it and took it in thinking they would not be indigenous to North Florida.)

I know - isn't that a crazy race?

Jannie Funster said...

Amazing photo! Magazine quality too.

Running while beered - you know I'll go for that!

Wine? Socia media? Yes!!!

Mama Zen said...

What an amazing picture!

Lynn said...

Jannie -

I know - I still don't know how she did that while shrieking AND holding a friend's baby in her lap. Brother-in-law was trying to rescue the iguana.

Running while beered! LOL! And I could have totally gone for that job, but Hardy had it locked up early, I think.

Mama Zen -

I think she should enter that photo in a contest.

Cookie said...

I had to do a double take on the photo! wow!

Lynn said...

Cookie -

I know - it is great, huh?

G. B. Miller said...

Excellent photo. Almost has a cartoonish quality to it.

I'm sure the iguana was just merely going along for the ride.

Running while drinking....I'm sure that'll be sweeping across the college campuses soon.

Lynn said...

Hey G -

I'm thinking it's contest material! She has so many good ones.

I guess as long as the runners don't drive, right?

Cathy said...

what an amazing photo! i could totally get back into running if i was part of that running club! :)

Lynn said...

Cathy -

Yes - that would definitely make it more fun!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Geico goes to the dogs! cool- that the dog is in focus.

My friends n I when young, once chugged colt 45 quarts n tried to run down the railroad tracks- not swift! Thank God there wasn't a train...

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

How fun was that? Thank goodness, no train is right. :)