Friday, August 21, 2009

Shining water, catching up and happy news

- This photo of the Hiawassee River that was taken during a July visit, jumping out while scrolling through other photos. Shining water on a summer morning.

- An unexpected visit from friend and cousin Susan and catching up on family news over plates of pasta and fruity iced tea at nearby Figo Pasta.

- Learning that a family member is expecting her second baby. In a state of disbelief, running four pregnancy tests before her husband suggests that the fourth one is probably correct. They are happy and will have two children 18 months apart in age.


Talon said...

Beautiful photo, Lynn.

lol @ the 4 pregnancy tests! Tell her it will be insane, but will have wonderful benefits. My first two are only 17 months apart and when my youngest came along I had three under 4. One wonderful bonus is how close they all are and the fact that we had blurry, wonderful years of diapers and teething and tantrums and toilet training and then it was all over.

Mama Zen said...

Love that picture!

I would probably still be testing . . .

Lynn said...

Talon -

She was supposed to have trouble getting pregnant, but apparently not! I will tell her - that does sound lovely, yet blurry.

Mama Zen -

Yes - me too!

Lance said...

I love the picture...the water looks so shiny!

Lynn said...

Lance -

When I need a moment of peace, I think of that spot on the river. It is very quiet - all you can is the river running by and chirping birds. I love it there.

Pink Ink said...

There is nothing quite like the sight of water to ease a day, especially on a hot summer day when you could take off your shoes and socks and soak the feet...

Susan DeAngelis said...

I love picture -- reminds me of the one hanging in my livingroom.



Lynn said...

Jewel -

And the water there in western North Carolina is always cool.

Sue -

Thank you - I love that picture, too.

Thomma Lyn said...

Wow, what a gorgeous photo. I'm happy that you had a good visit with your friend/cousin -- can't beat pasta and fruity iced tea! And congratulations to your family member -- sounds like a very happy event for her and her hubby. :) Two children eighteen months apart in age -- sounds like my brother and me, about whom our mom said "twins the hard way" (but always with a smile on her face and in her eyes).

Lynn said...

Thomma Lyn -

Twins the hard way - a great expression. Your mother sounds like a lovely woman.

Cathy said...

that photo is amazing--and what wonderful news--i remember doing a few pregnancy tests to make sure it was true. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Not just good, but wonderful-
Great pic to cool me off after a hot night at work!
Great news about a new child in the family- Always a blessing, no matter the spacing!
My girls are 20 months apart- n Talon's right, the wild time is over faster that way. The sibling rivarly tho, may be a bit intense for a while...

Lynn said...

Cathy -

We are excited to have a new family member on the way. I think our mother to be is excited now, too. :)

Snaggle -

I'm glad my photo could cool you off. Yes - I have witnessed that kind of sibling rivalry in other family members close in age, but they love each other as adults.

G said...

Only four?

What, the last one was to confirm the positive on the first three?

To be thorough is good thing I guess.

The preceeding sentences were done with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

My hearty congratulations on possibly becoming a Aunty.

Lynn said...

G -

I think she was sort of hoping for a negative since the first baby is only 9 months old. :)

Actually - I have a huge extended family on my mother's side. So this will be a new third cousin. Strange thought, that.