Thursday, February 25, 2010

The mountain, enthusiasm and black gloves

- This is nearby Stone Mountain, that has its own park around it. I seriously need to exercise again and a nice fit friend has offered to meet me there in the afternoons to climb it. That gasping for breath heard all around the world might just be me!

- Driving behind a car with a large dog hanging out of the window enthusiastically barking at everyone and everything in sight. And wondering what goes through their heads while riding in a motorized vehicle and if it makes them feel as if they're flying.

- Thinking of my mother every time I pull on my long black gloves. Ever practical, but loving stylish things, she chose these for me a couple of years ago because I am fond of black and enjoy gloves that disappear up into my coat sleeves.


LL Cool Joe said...

Wow that's some mountain to climb!! Good luck with that! :D

My mother-in-law loves long gloves too. :)

Lynn said...

Joe -

I used to walk around it most days, on a sidewalk that goes around it - about five miles. I might start there and migrate to climbing. I do like to climb the mountain though - it's been awhile. There is an area that is designated for that - the "walk-up trail."

kenju said...

I like long gloves too. I have a pair of leather ones that are fur-lined, and so old that every time I pull them on, the fur flies.

Enjoy climbing that mountain!

Talon said...

When you reach the summit, look north and give me a shout out! That looks like some beautiful hiking!

I think the dogs feel like Leonardo Dicaprio in the Titanic -- "I'm King of the World!"

Love long gloves - practical and beautiful.

Lynn said...

Kenju -

I have my stylish practical pair that I have with me today and another pair that has feather fake fuzzy stuff at the ends. They make the cold weather bearable. :)

Talon -

I will! It's fun to look down from the top and see everything going on. There is a spot that is a little off the beaten path (but still a safe area) in which there is a spectacular view of the Atlanta skyline.

I've had my sister's dog with me before and he goes from one backseat window to the other. And then breathes in my ear. :)

Adrenalynn said...

Wow- good luck with the mountain climbing! It always helps to have a goal, I say... I really wish I would just get out into this beautiful world of ours a bit more!
Those gloves sound like heaven :)

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

Love the image and memory associated with those gloves. I had a pair of white ones growing up from my Swiss aunt, and I always thought they were the most beautiful things - if impractical in the Philippines.

Dogs were made for cars, weren't they?

I feel the same way playing basketball - so out of shape!!

Riot Kitty said...

You should totally post a picture of those gloves!

Lynn said...

Adrenalynn -

I think it is very cold where you are and so that's why you can't get out much? I'm glad you have blogging! Come by anytime. and my the way - it's not like real mountain climbing - there is a walk-up trail. I hope I didn't misrepresent. :)

Jewel -

I think of long white gloves as beauty queen gloves. :)

Riot Kitty -

I might just do that. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, Stone Mountain looks sooooo gorgeous, and quite a resort with tons to do. You lucky duck to live where you do! Please let's go up the walk-up trail whenst I visit you?

And I agree on the long gloves, keeping those wrists good and warm.

Dogs -- nutty car riders, each and every one. Except our dachshund who hardly ever "goes car-car" because he whines the WHOLE time, if he has to ride in one. Weird!

Off to pick up Kelly now, will read your geranuim post later!


G said...

Things to do in the spring time, excuse me, in the winter time.

Looks a great challenge to partake in.

Lynn said...

Jannie -

When you visit we will take a picnic and climb the mountain using the walk up trail - I will look forward to that.

That's interesting - your dachshund whines like my kitty Sophie. She cries the whole time - hates the car.


G -

I need to partake in it. It's been very cold this week and the top of that mountain would be too cold right now, but I look forward to doing that. I already put my hiking shoes out. :)

Meredith said...

Lynn, it might be a walk-up trail, but you'll definitely get a workout on the walk. I'm glad you have such a wonderful place to exercise. :)

How long are these gloves, I wonder? I'm picturing elbow-length, 1920s style, but that might be a bit much... good to have them during this horrid "arctic blast" we're having (which I hear from my sis is worse down your way -- stay warm!)

Lance said...

Hi Lynn,
The mountain looks like a great place to hike! And you are funny, Lynn!! (the gasping for breath!!)

Dogs! Another fun thought...what they are thinking as they travel down the road...hmmm....

Cookie said...

I love the image of your gloves :)
And I love the idea of going hiking up the mountain. Great workout and great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hhmm, you may wanna start smaller than mountain climbing! You're walking idea is good. Of course seeing the mountain sights is always great.
I know a kid who used to have cables, clips, n crampons n do sheer face rock climbing! n indoors (pay for it too) That was brave- I haven't tho-
I want that "Zumba" dancing CD myself- Cause dancing is so much fun.

Of course dogs can fly! I convinced Mischief that people could fly on skiis n ice watching olympics.

Lynn said...

Meredith -

I love it at the mountain - it is such a happy place. As soon as the arctic blast leaves, I'll give it a go.

Not quite elbow length, but almost. I'm always looking for something different like that. :)

Lance -

Lots of dogs at the mountain, too. A great place to be!

Cookie -

I could use some fresh air. And I'll be gasping for it, for sure. :)

Snaggle -

You made me look - Zumba looks like so much fun. You are right - small steps, right?

I love watching those flying skiiers, too - I like it that you talk to your kitty. I do that, too. :)