Monday, February 16, 2009

Stoney, playing and just right

Stone Mountain

- A former pastor visits my church and remarks that we all look exactly the same after five years, "...must be the stoney water." My church is in the shadow of the mountain shown above.

- Music from the church service: The beautiful "Trompette ou de Cornet en Dialogue" by Louis-Nicholas Clerambault reminds a friend's son of field mice playing in a pasture.

- Delicious vegetarian takeout from my favorite Thai restaurant. Their Pa Nang Pak has just the right amount of spice and fresh basil


G. B. Miller said...

Oh man, what a killer view to look at when you're either going to or coming from church.

I can feel myself drifting away with this one.

Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

I take Stone Mountain for granted, but people come from all over to see it. It is an anomaly of our area. The outcroppings go on for about nine miles - you can see granite stone popping up here and there. The sidewalk around it is exactly five miles and sometimes I walk that, but not lately. :)

Jannie Funster said...

That's YOUR church!

What a simply stunning area, wow.

Lynn said...

Hi Jannie -

I know - I love it there. Although they are commercializing it to an extent. Right now they have brought in man-made snow that you can sled down. They call it "snow mountain."