Thursday, February 19, 2009

Resolve, smile and virtuous

- Leaning my forehead against the door of Tazza Coffee and Espresso Bar in sorrow when I see the note on the door saying they have closed due to the slow economy. And turning it into a good thing by resolving to only patronize independent coffee places from now on.

- Meeting a man who is so dour that I knock myself out trying to get him to smile and finally succeed after he tells me, "I watch way too much 'Law and Order.'" I respond by saying that I hear that two-note "dong-dong" sound they use on the show in my head whenever I think something catastrophic is about to happen.

- Feeling virtuous about going to exercise after work since I have been blowing it off all too often.


G. B. Miller said...

Independent coffee shop?

Wow, what a novel concept. Wish we have something like that around here.

All we go is Starbucks (eh), Whole Donut (eh) and Dunkin' donuts (eh).

Good luck in finding one.

Lynn said...

Tazza was independent and there are a few other around. I try not to patronize Starbucks, but sometimes have to meet clients there. It's a landmark of sorts. But I hate it that the chains override the others.