Friday, February 20, 2009

Watching, admiring and appreciating

- Watching how my kitty handles a fresh bowl of water that has been set in its proper place. She slides it a bit with her paw so the water moves like gentle waves and then drinks.

- Admiring my neighbor for her intent in loading a trail bike in her car in 27 degree weather at 6:30am. Me: Are you going to ride that today? Her: I was, but can't fit it in!

- Appreciating an enthusiastic Friday welcome by pressman Eddie.


Jannie Funster said...

I almost never see our cat drink. I think he is shy or wary about any one seeing him do it.

The way your cat does sounds so cute! Is he playing when he does that?

Lynn said...

I am not really sure - but when I come home in the evening the bowl has been shifted about a foot. If she is peeved - she'll tip it so the water splashes across the floor. (Peevishness comes when I don't get up right away.)