Saturday, February 7, 2009

Retreat, gift and sharing

- A women's retreat at Columbia Theological Seminary with its wonderful display of artwork and crosses through their "Faith and the Arts" program.

- Walking through the grounds and admiring the gothic architecture of the buildings. The program, taught by Mary Bruggemann, touches on something essential to a life built around faith; the gift of waiting.

- A shared poem that I will remember when I cannot turn off my mind and sleep, "What to do in the Darkness."

Go slowly

Consent to it

But don't wallow in it

Know it as place of germination

And growth

Remember the light

Take an outstretched hand if you find one

Exercise unused senses

Find the path by walking it

Practice trust

Watch for dawn

- by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

from the journal Weavings, 2004


Jannie Funster said...

Trust indeed.


And my, you do get to some peaceful and beautiful places in life.

Wonderful. And why do I think there was a faint hint of cinnamon and polished old wood at the retreat?

Lynn said...

The dining hall at the seminary reminds me of the one in the Harry Potter movies - soaring ceilings, paneled walls and portraits hanging all around. Definitely polished old wood in that building...

That was a peaceful weekend - wish they were all as peaceful... :)