Sunday, February 8, 2009

The sweet life, Nutella and Duck's

- Reading the food blogs, which provide endless entertainment. My favorite: David Lebovitz, who is
Living the Sweet Life in Paris
His latest post: a chocolate cake recipe he found on a men's room wall. The downside: he posts the recipe in French. The upside: a reader named Jess translates it and provides a helpful URL that shows how to translate grams to cups.

- Another recent favorite from David's blog: the post about World Nutella Day on February 5. One wonders how the makers of Nutella managed to have a whole day for the world to celebrate their yummy product, but it makes a lot more sense to me than Labor Day. (Except people in the US get that day off, which in my book is a good thing also.)

- My chicken pot pie from Duck's Cosmic Kitchen the other day had a golden crust topped with a crust cut-out in the shape of a duck. And the pie was delicious. I contemplated taking a photo of it to submit to the Internet Food Association as "Daily Food Porn," but was hungry and wanted to eat it. The IFA blog sounds so official, but it is a bunch of food knowledgeable friends who post multiple times daily about food. The opening line from the "About" button: "Hello. We’re from the internet. And we’ve come to help you cook." It provides endless entertainment.


Jannie Funster said...

I've been to that guy's blog before.

The duck crust reminds me that the cabin stewards used to shape our hand towels in various animal shapes. So cute!

Lynn said...

Love the food blogs, and food. :)