Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amusing, ambiance and bring it

- An interesting talk by journalist Gwen Ifill at surely one of the most beautiful college campuses ever - Agnes Scott College. And getting a kick out of how people just cannot follow directions. The question and answer part of the program was the most amusing for the way people lined up to grandstand about issues over and over, leaving Ms. Ifill with the task of smilingly insisting, "What is your QUESTION?"

- A lovely dinner at Wahoo Grill with its beautiful garden patio. The highlight: delicious cheese crisps served with the house salad.

- Looking forward to posts by Dad from "I think this world is perfect..." He writes a parenthood blog that I once had listed on my blog list, but he doesn't post very often anymore, so I deleted it and subscribed to it instead. The family has busy lives, but I always look forward to the insight that he brings when he does post. The most recent entry touched me for its last line, referring to the wonderful performance by Susan Boyle, so talked about lately, "Make it count, be present and bring it, everything you've got, every time."


Jannie Funster said...

Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle all th erage these past 2 weeks. When i first saw it she was at 14,000,000 on youtube and now at...


Lynn said...

But isn't she great? I am so pleased for her.