Monday, April 27, 2009

Dream, fortunate and fun

I traveled to beautiful Savannah, Georgia for a wedding this weekend. Niece Abby's best friend was married and I was happy to be invited and to hang out with my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces (Abby was maid of honor.)

Just one of the breathtaking buildings throughout Savannah.

The wedding was held in historic Trinity Methodist church.

The reception was held at Forsyth Park next to this fountain erected in 1858.

A canopy of live oak trees provided speckled light over the reception area.

- Sitting by the Savannah river eating fried shrimp and watching ships go by; brother-in-law musing about his dream of being a tugboat captain.

- Catching a taxi from the riverwalk back to the hotel, we are lucky to get Lee from Big Mike Taxi service as our driver, a big man with a big smile and booming deep voice. Recently laid off from his job in New York, he has made his way to Savannah and loves his new job; feeling fortunate that he has found himself here.

- The live band at the reception provided fun music. A couple walking their dog through the park stop just outside the roped off area and have a dance. Sister and I, living up to our reputations as Fun Squad Mom and Fun Aunt, dance in a conga line with the bride and bridesmaids.


G said...

My kind of trees.

I can see myself sitting underneath and slowly drifting away.

Sounds like you had a very nice time at the wedding.

Lynn said...

Hi G -

I did - but the best thing was being with my family. The trees constantly shed their blossoms that look like worms. We found ourselves covering our glasses so they didn't fall in. The bride joked that her dad paid extra for them. But they are truly gorgeous.

Jannie Funster said...

I loves tree canopies!

I sits beneath one each and every day!

Lynn said...

Jannie - I can see you doing that and playing your guitar. That sounds so relaxing...

Jannie Funster said...

A lot of days on The glorious shady Trail I sit and just "BE" on a bench for a while, sipping my Chick Filet coffee. The morning is the best time to be there, as it's now getting warm (as I'm sure it is over there in Atlanta too.) But no guitar for now, boo hoo, as I don't like to sing until the afternoon, for my vocal chord health. At least until after the May 10th show. yes, a bit weird but gotta keep them pipes clear. I dont' even sing now until after I do light worm-ups for 10 minutes.

Last May I lost my voice singing in a 3-day festival with Kalyani. Well, on day 3 I did. Ain't going that route gain, sis-tah!

Oh, I forgot to mention it was my live oak trees encroaching on my deck that prompted me to write I Need A Man With A Chainsaw! I almost didn't get past the first verse as I thought it was the stupidest song thus known to man. But people seem to like it.

And some people like my pie better 'n they do my singin'! Remember who said that in the Crisco commercial?? I bet you do.

Lynn said...

No - I don't remember, but it does sound familiar. A Google search turns up items about the song American Pie and this great quote from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, "Your apple pie don't taste too nice, you better wise up Janet Weiss." :)

You know - I did wonder about the thought behind the chainsaw song - how about that? Did your husband wield the chainsaw and the ax?

I do love a walk in the morning - that is a nice thought about sitting on a bench and watching the world go by. Your concert is going to be great - I wish I could be there.