Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wide awake, grace and shine

- Wide awake at 2am, wandering into the home office to get on the computer, my kitty is excited that I am up and optimistically starts toward the kitchen looking back. Heck - she does her job, so she deserves it. She gets her food early.

- Reading Whitney's blog Glimpses of Grace and finding that she has posted 500 times. Her life is full of grace indeed.

- Having friends in bloggerland is so wonderful. This week G from Cedar's Mountain gives a shout-out to me and Jannie for our exchange about music several days ago. I enjoyed that exchange very much, but even more the fact that it made his day shine. Same here!


G said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. Like I said, it was a very refreshing piece of normalcy.

Lynn said...

I did. And thanks for coming by so regularly.

G said...

You're more than welcome. I try to make it here on a regular basis.

It's a great blog.

Jannie Funster said...

Lynn, I haven't really told you but I LOVE our comment exchanges. I try not to "lure" you back too many times with questions, as I know you do have a life outside blogging -- and a lovely life at that, but you do always do come back to my comments section and are so sweet to do so.

Oh, and I LOVE THE LAND-O-LAKES fat-free half-nlhalf!!!!! I tried it today, holy cow. I'm sold! Thanks a bunch (hopefully those 7lbs I'd like to lose,) for the heads-up on that.


Lynn said...

Thanks Georgie - I admire you for writing fiction. I have always wanted to do that, but can't wrap my head around what I would write about. My friend Karin Slaughter writes crime fiction and has become very successful after some failed attempts at getting historical fiction published. Someone told her that she should go back to her roots, so her work is always set in Georgia now. (And with a last name like Slaughter, well...) How do you get your ideas?

Jannie - I love to visit your blog throughout my workday and read the comments. It is such a happy place to hang out and perks me up when I need perking. Lure away.

"Lure" is such a great word, isn't it? One of my favorite lines from the movie Bull Durham was when Millie is caught in the locker room with one of the players and says "I was lured!"

Yes - FF Half 'n Half - one of the great things invented in the 2000s. I'm glad you like it. :)