Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tending roses, forsaking all and birthday

- Neighbor Tom, who passed away two years ago, planted this cabbagey rose bush. I tended them during the time his place was up for sale. Seeing them bloom again makes me smile.

- Forsaking the gym and a meeting in the evening in order to put my feet up at home.

- From Mr C's sign: Happy Birthday Me


Jannie Funster said...

Very interesting to see vegetaion on yoor blog as we were just watching the History Channel's "Life After People" and they showed how the Georgia Dome would be completely covered in not to long by some indigenous rampant vine you have there. Can't recall the name now, short term memory loss.

Wow, and now they are talking about your Stone Mountain! Looks like quite the place indeed.

Lynn said...

Probably kudzu. We always joke that if you stood still for more than ten minutes, kudzu would wrap itself around you. Kind of creepy!

Golly - I hate I missed that program. I'll look to see if it is repeated. Stone Mountain is a wonderful park - I am so lucky that it is nearby.

Jannie Funster said...

Yes! kudzu, that's it.

It is an amazing program. A bit depressing, due to its inherent subject matter. But very very well done. Tuesdays - a whole series now.

Lynn said...

I think I can watch it online. I'll see if I can do that this weekend.

Someone brought kudzu to Georgia from Japan (I think.) Oh the folly of it all - they thought it was a nice ground cover, but it would cover the world if we didn't watch out. And it is hard to kill.