Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dogwoods, festival and black jelly beans

- Celebrating the dogwood trees that have been so beautiful this year. They even have their own festival this weekend in Atlanta.

- Thankful that the festival is back at Piedmont Park again this year, having moved to another venue last year due to drought conditions. The park conservancy is dedicated to making the park green again and they are well on their way.

- Happy that co-worker Joanne remembered our discussion that I really only want the black jelly beans from the bag. She brought me an entire bag of black ones that were on sale because Easter is over.


Jannie Funster said...

We laughed when Mon brought a bedraggled Dogwood baby home from the woods 30 years ago to plant on the front lawn.

But it's done quite well. Taller than the roof now.

Which actually isn't that surprising I guess. 0 years. Am I that old?

Jannie Funster said...

Mom, not Mon. Sorry.

30 years.

More wine!

G said...

Ahhhhh, spring is still springing somewhere in these United States.

Can't wait for the mountain to spring to life.

Perhaps some photographs will be in the offering soon.

Lynn said...

Jannie - I like having a glass of wine (or two) and visiting blog land myself. :) You will never be old!

G - it is still springing here for sure, but on the wane and heading north. You are near a mountain? Looking forward to seeing some spring photos from you.

Lynn said...

Georgie - I had a forward-smacking moment when I realized what a silly question that was, "You are near a mountain?" without looking it up first. And yes - there does appear to be a Cedar Mountain near your town of Newington, Connecticut. Hence the name of your blog. Can't wait to see the photos - it looks like a lovely area.

G said...

Yup. Cedar Mountain is about ten feet from my house.

And that's okay about the forward-smacking moment. I had one of those yesterday when I spent six hours working on an overpayment when someone belatedly pointed out that I was using the wrong figures to begin with.

In the spring and summer, the view truly is spectacular.

Lynn said...

G - A state I have never been to, but hope to visit someday - Connecticut.

Lynn said...

Oops - that was supposed to be "forehead" smacking. No wine that early, just sleep deprivation. :)