Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good eats, happy days and 15 times

- A fun night with the Fun Girls beginning with dinner at Mary Mac's Tea Room. Mary Mac's opened in 1945 and is popular with theater goers like us because of its fast service and walking distance to the Fox Theatre. The highlight: tomato pie. Yum.

- Happy Days, the musical, was good, clean fun. A funny moment came before the curtain went up when a couple of local DJs from an oldie's station came out to rev up the audience and asked, "Does anyone remember Richie Cunningham's favorite song?" The crowd burst into "I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill" in response.

- The fast walk to the theater from the restaurant and back counted as exercise, in my opinion, so I gave myself a star sticker on my calendar, giving myself 15 exercise days for the month of March. Not bad and better than the previous two months.


Michele@FineFuriousLife said...

You know, the last time I was in Atlanta, I tried to go to Mary Mac's, but it was the day after Christmas and it was closed. I had to go to Mellow Mushroom instead. Not that I have anything against Mellow Mushroom. But I want to know what tomato pie is.

Lynn said...

Hi Michele! The Mellow Mushroom is good, but is just local pizza. Mary Mac's is renowned for its Southern food. The Tomato Pie was a "side." It was a savory tomato dish with a cheddar cheese crust. Delicious. I have already looked for a recipe this morning and this one looks close:

Michele@FineFuriousLife said...

Guess what--there's one in my Deen book!

Lynn said...

Yes - the woman from the link I provided said it was adapted from one of Paula's recipes. Are you going to try it?

Michele@FineFuriousLife said...

Definitely, though not for a little while. I've been cookin' em faster than I can write 'em up. And I'm sending in my computer for servicing today--eek!

I really do love Mellow Mushroom, though. I wrote a review for Serious Eats:

My boyfriend is from Atlanta so I get to go to Mellow Mushroom every Christmas :)

Lynn said...

That was a nice review! And the film was hysterical! I do like to go by there because you can get it by the slice. An option not always available here.

Next time you are in Atlanta, another good pizza place to try is Shorty's.
My sister and niece, who live in a remote area of Florida, came into town and wanted really good brick oven pizza. So I took them to Shorty's - great pizza and nice casual atmosphere with occasional love music.

Lynn said...

I meant "live" music. Ha!

Michele@FineFuriousLife said...

Yeah, I was wondering!

G said...


Let's hope that musical makes its way up to Connecticut.

I might actually go to a show at the Bushnell for the first in twenty years to see it.

Lynn said...

It was pretty good, G. The Fonzie character was just like the one on TV. And the show features him. Mrs. C gets to tap dance!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your conversation and wanted to add my own Tomato Pie recipe to the mix:

I am from South Carolina and have eaten this for a long time, then finally developed my own recipe. And, I've moved to Oregon and people here love it too--it's just that nobody knows what it is!

The smack your granny good recipe is fantastic, too - I have made that one before.

Anyway, I used to live in Athens, GA and loved the Mellow Mushroom too - fun place. We get back to Atlanta once a year since my in-laws live there - great place to visit. I'll have to go to Mary Mac's next time!

Lynn said...

Hi Tricia! I am printing this one out - there may just have to be a tomato pie making marathon once the tomatoes are in down here. Thanks for sharing - it looks great.

My niece Rebecca lives in Portland - I plan a visit there at some point. It sounds like my kind of place.