Friday, April 17, 2009

Good things, the better deal and the best neighbor

- A local TV station is looking for good news by performing random acts of kindness and giving the recipients "tickets" for paying it forward. They call it "Good Things Happening." (Where did they get a title like that? Ha!) I like to do that kind of thing, but in more simple ways, such as just saying thank you to people or by smiling at tollbooth workers (who always look sort of startled.)

- Two co-workers make an exchange that make each other happy; tickets won on the radio to weekend car racing for a brand new motorcycle helmet won at a car show. They each think they got the better deal.

- Neighbor Marian knocks on my door and asks if I am airing out the trunk of my car or should it be closed? Closed, I say, oh my. He goes and shuts it for me. He is the best neighbor ever for watching out for everyone else.


Jannie Funster said...

Number one, that's just the best thign I've heard of in a long time.

Maybe it'll catch on on all towns. Wouldn't that be great!!!

Lynn said...

I hope so, too. And isn't it great when someone does some random nice thing? Like a few days ago when a man smiled and took my shopping cart to return it for me, since he was on his way into Publix and I was at the end of the parking lot.

A friend's children go to a Jewish school (where religious teaching is a regular part of the day) and he had them with him at the grocery store the other day. A man was on the floor inside getting medical attention from paramedics. On the way to the car his children were so worried about the man and said they wanted to pray for him. So they all got in the car and prayed. He was so moved by that and happy that all that private school tuition is paying off by making his kids good citizens of the world.