Friday, January 28, 2011

First effort, Triskele and traveling top

- A call came in to the printing company a few months ago with the question, "Do you print hardbound books?" Yes we do and this is my first book with a dust jacket, delivered to the client yesterday. And it has a good message for children, I think (although I might have targeted it toward both, or either, parents.) :)

- The mate to this earring is lying somewhere on the sidewalks of New York - probably Times Square. I lost it on a trek from the theater to my niece's apartment last December. It is a Triskele - a symbol used to symbolize the Druidic Threefold Sister Goddess: Fotla/Eiru/Banba. I emailed this photo around to vendors specializing in Celtic jewelry with no luck and then found another pair on (of all places) ebay. An almost perfect match. So I hope someone found that lost earring, has had it made into a necklace or something and that it brings them good fortune.

- Jannie Funster sent my prize winning package last week, containing CDs, lollipops and this cute top. The top immediately put me in mind of friend Whitney and I impulsively mailed it to her (with Jannie's blessing). She blogs about it here and I have dubbed this top that came from Texas, to Atlanta and is now back in Texas, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Top.

I hope the weekend brings good things to you, my friends. And I hope it is happy.


Fireblossom said...



LL Cool Joe said...

You can find ANYTHING on ebay! Glad you tracked the earring down.

I'm off to London to see "Billy Elliott" tonight, and I have a gig tomorrow. So a busy weekend for me.

Hopes yours is fun!

Jannie Funster said...

And the funny thing about that shirt is my friend in North Carolina had first mailed it to me, but it was a little big. And which State had it graced before NC? I'll have to ask Deanna. :)

So wow, yours is a full-service printing company.

Granny Annie said...

And are you sure that someone didn't find the missing earring and put it on eBay???

deniborin said...

interesting article .. in accordance with my studies .. thanks
best regards

Lynn said...

FB -

I get it. (Didn't at first.) :)

Joe -

I kind of like to look around on ebay - it's fun.

That sounds like a lovely weekend! I haven't seen Billy Elliott, but would like to.

Jannie -

Yes - full service. And that is interesting the path that top is taking - it might be a little too big for Whitney, I'm not sure. I told her to pass it on if so. :)


Granny Annie -

I went back and edited to add that I found a pair of earrings on ebay. :)

Deniborin -

Thank you for stopping by.

TALON said...

The idea behind the book was probably good, but you're right - it would have been better including both parents. I know envision a child holding up the book to their father and saying, "See? I don't have to listen to you!" :)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Lynn!

sage said...

I bed a pirate has claimed the one earring and is proudly wearing it today!

Mama Zen said...

I love that earring! I'm so glad that you found some on ebay.

Riot Kitty said...

I love the sisterhood, that cracked me up! So I have this book about showers that I want to publish...just kidding!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Cute little book cover! Glad you found replacement earings. I hate getting home n realizing something treasured is missing! Good of you to well-wish the finder of the odd piece.
Wow, a traveling top! N I had traveling chicken shakers- from Jannie to Paige, to me- but decided to keep them for now...
You have a lovely warm week-end there yourself!

desk49 said...

An earring, a top, a book,
What could this all be
A post of mothers,
of sisters and friends
Everything is times three
With the top going this way
And the book going that
And of course no one knows
where the other earring is at
you have me in circles
like the Triskele you show
Texas, Atlanta, Texas
Around and around I go

Lynn said...

Talon -

I agree. And of course, I was happy to print this book - it's fun to help people realize their dream.

Sage -

Oooh - a pirate wearing it. I like that!

Mama Zen -

Me, too. I wore them yesterday - there is a matching necklace, too.

Riot Kitty -

I told Whitney to pass that top on if it is too big for her - I suspect it is. So more travel in store. :)

Snaggle -

That Jannie is a fun girl with all the mailing stuff. :)

Ellis -

Good eye that it turned out to be things in threes. Thank you for my poem.