Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beets, no phobia here and two week ban

- The vegetarian food bar at The Rainbow Grocery near my house has the most delicious hot vegetables and entrees. I said not long ago that I would love to get a job there just long enough to find out how they season the vegetables. Delicious and I always look forward to the cooked beets. I love beets. Earlier this year when I was at a retreat with all friends, we had to go around the room and tell something about ourselves that people wouldn't know. I couldn't really think of anything and finally said, "I like beets."

- So this article from The Atlantic amuses me in that it addresses the beet phobia that many people have. The author looked at a comment thread on Chowhound about beets and the funniest one: a person writes that beets "taste like basement."

- Imagine my chagrin when I see that Phase One of the South Beach diet, that I am undertaking for at least two weeks, bans beets for their sugar content. I'm thinking of eating them anyway. Certainly less sugar than the chocolate I eat almost daily. :)


desk49 said...

Beets, Rottweiler and a vegetarian
A funny story was told by the librarian
Basement beets don’t go that well
The fat Rottweiler to us tried to tell
Not sure how that story did end
But the vegetarian was never seen again

Anonymous said...

I LOVE beets too! As a kid, I used to gobble them up first if they were in a mix of other veggies on my dinner plate. Couldn't get enough of the little fellers. :)

Love chocolate too... the darker the better. Now I'm thinking of beet with choco sauce... you think that might work?

Lynn said...

Ellis -

lol at the vegetarian never being seen again! How funny!

Tony -

A kindred beet-loving, chocolate loving spirit. :) I've always loved beets, too. Cooked or pickled. Yum.

So I googled beets with chocolate sauce and voila! Here's a link: I may just have to try this and blog about it. :) You are a genius.

Blue Bunny said...


my very favrits!!


from me

blue bunny


Jannie Funster said...

"I liek beets" You are so cute!

Cute redneck saying too. Kelly asked me the other day what a redneck was. :) And then asked what the Prime lending rate is these days. She does have an inquiring mind. :)

My poor hubby does not like beets. He's got that phobia big-time! :)
But I LOVE them! Mom pickles them and when home, a meal is not a meal without a side of those. But they have to be home-made pickled -- not store bought!

Oh honey, I lasted 10 days on that 14-day SB jumpstart. But YOU can do it. It's actually a great plan. Just think steak and salad -- all you can eat. TG I have not mailed you more Snickers. :)


Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

I thought karrits were your favrite?


Jannie -

Thank you, you are cute, too, Jannie Muffin.

It's funny that my dad loved his Jeff Foxworthy "redneck" calendar and he was anything but. (I don't think Jeff Foxworthy is either really.) I always put this calendar in his stocking at Christmas and had already bought the 2010 calendar before he died on December 20 last year. So I keep it on my desk at work as a tribute to him and like to imagine his voice reading the joke out loud.

Wow - I don't ever know what the current prime lending rate is. I'm impressed.

I say, more beets for you, my friend.

TALON said...

lol @ the basement comment - they are a root vegetable after all :) I love beets, too. But I also like brussel sprouts and you know the bad rap they get - lol!

You mean you're giving up chocolate? For 2 weeks?? I'll eat your share ;) I can't go a day without my dark chocolate - 70% is getting super addictive for me.

Meredith said...

Lynn, sometimes I wonder if you and I may have crossed paths before -- but unaware. Rainbow Grocery (or "Rainbow's," as it is known in my family) was the preferred spot to have lunch with my mom when I lived in Atlanta. (She works in Decatur, getting ready to retire this month!) I love that place, and so does F. He stuffs his face with the polenta when we're there. ;)

Now you've made me crave their fantastic garlic dressing...

Louvregirl said...

Hey Lynn~ We see some real rednecks here,too. How 'bout this one? Many people (here) have LARGE tires to navigate the steep and windy mountain roads~ they can be treacherous! BUT~ (and I've seen this for real too...)
~~YOU KNOW~~ that you are next to a (real) redneck when you pull up at Walmart next to his truck and all you can see out of your window are his tready tires....As you stand up and out of your look *well* up....then you see his fully rusted, red mud pick-up truck cab with the windows down. And if he has a what flag do you think that would be?????
:):):) tee hee hee.
lg (sheeeze)

Riot Kitty said...

That is hilarious - I picture a circle of people and you saying, "I like beets!" like it's a vegetable dependency support group ;)

I don't take stock in diets that tell you to avoid fresh stuff. And you're right, I'm sure it has less sugar than chocolate ;)

Lance said...

I think I would opt for the chocolate!!!!!

Lynn said...

Talon -

I like brussels sprouts, too. The trick to those is not to cook them to long, or so it seems to me. I loved seeing them grow when I was in Northern California - studded on branches.

Yes - maybe I just need to bump up my exercise. ;)

Meredith -

I've always thought you looked a little familiar - I'm sure we probably did cross paths. Rainbow Grocery has been a haunt of mine for years. Hmmm - maybe tonight. I like the miso dressing.

lg -

Hmmm - let me think. Would the accompanying song begin with "I wish I was in the land of cotton"? Yeah - I've seen those trucks - they go mud-bogging. There is a field of mud and they ride through it and have crazy competitions. No thanks. :)

Riot Kitty -

lol! A vegetable support group. How funny - yes, you would sit around in a circle and admit to the kind of vegetable addiction you have. Hello, I'm Lynn, and I like beets. :)

I like Tony's idea of putting chocolate sauce on beets.

Lance -

I might do just that. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

You cracked me up with the beets! It reminds of a situation years ago, where we were playing some strange vegetable game with a large group of friends and my brother who was a bit bored by it all said "I'm a potato" and everyone burst out laughing. ;D

Mama Zen said...

I love beets!

Ily said...

Beets are delicious!! Then again, I've always been fond of basements (and chocolate!). ;)

Snaggle Tooth said...

My name is SnaggleTooth, n I'm addicted to Beets!

Isin't a Veteren someone who doesn't eat meat? (only kidding)
I like beets too- n am trying to grow some. Even the greens are looking good- Mostly I eat them straight out of the can. (boiled)
They contain Lutien for good eye health, too.
One time a Columbian girl at work was eating a chopped beet salad- made with s mayo-looking sauce. I want to try some-
Well, beets do keep well in root cellars!
Beets do have sugar, n are even used to sweeten the blueberry OS juice I got this week!
Good luck on that diet- My Bro n Sis in Law did well with it. I believe you are allowed fruit also.

Lynn said...

Joe -

I am intrigued about the strange vegetable game. That is funny about your brother in law. :)

Mama Zen -

Me, too!

Ily -

That basement statement made me crack up!

Snaggle -

I hadn't thought about beet greens. Hmmm. Thank you about the SB diet - if I ever get to it. Eating events that don't fit into that diet keep coming up. :)

Blue Bunny said...

i akctual haz manny favrits vegies.

and yoo my favrit bloger.


Lynn said...

Blue Bunny -

I am??????????? Thank you and you are my favrit bunny. :)