Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Burst of pink, the cardinals and quiet morning

- The Crape Myrtle trees seem to be bursting out all over. I like this one that I walk by on the way to my front door. It has been adopted by a Cardinal couple who often have a nest in it.

- The cardinals were having a nap above my door sill (apparently) when I opened the back door yesterday morning and startled them. They flew with furious flapping to a nearby tree to collect themselves. I called out "Sorry!" after them as if they would understand.

- Breakfast on the back porch on an otherwise quiet morning. Poached eggs, crisp buttered toast and redbush tea. That and a book - lovely.


Jannie Funster said...

I bet they did understand, those little napping birds who are probably very fond of you!

I just love when the crepes burst, it's an amazing year for them here too.

Nice lighting in that pic!


Anonymous said...

I love that. "Sorry!" That's exactly the kind of thing I say whenever I nearly step on a ghekko at home. :P

TALON said...

lol, Lynn! At least I'm not the only one who talks to the animals!

The Crape Myrtle is gorgeous! I love the vibrant pink. The cardinals have good taste :)

Mama Zen said...

I'm dying to get a crepe myrtle for my yard. Hope I don't kill it!

desk49 said...

I will post when the blog world is not so crazy

Meredith said...

We're having a great year for the crepe myrtles here, as well. Local streets already have the little sprinkling of confetti as the first buds drop.

Those cardinals understood you perfectly, I'm sure, Lynn. And if not, well, hopefully they won't nap there too often. I'd be worried they were scoping out nest sites for their second set of nestlings this season, since we've had friends whose local cardinals built a nest recently *on top of* their porch light -- if not for your feathered friends having already chosen a nicer spot for all concerned, nestled in the blooming branches. :D

Jingle said...

lovely images your words paint.
Happy Tuesday!

Lynn said...

Jannie -

That was so mutual startling, let me tell you. I'm flattered that they chose the top of my door.

I really like the white crepes the best, but pink is a close second. There seem to be a lot of fuschia ones, too.


Tony -

One of them hit the window and I fretted about her until I saw she was OK later. They hang around in the trees in back of my house. I end of saying that fairly often to my cat, too, since she is under my feet so much.

Talon -

Oh my - if Sophie could talk and tell the things she has heard me say! :)

Those trees have great coverage - much better than my hanging plants. Some wrens built in a nest in one of them last year.

Mama Zen -

They seem pretty hardy to me.

Ellis -

I think Blogger might be bouncing back. Suddenly I have all these comments - I wondered where everyone was this morning. I was the first poster on Mama Zen's blog and then it didn't show up. I started notices issues with all Blogger based blogs. Yes - come back - I need my poem.

Meredith -

Yes - having a nest on the back porch makes it a challenge for all of us. That happened a couple of years ago when some Carolina Wrens built a nest in a pot that I was readying for a plant. I had whimsically put some Spanish Moss in it just for show and they burrowed under it to make a nest. It was right outside the door, so I had to quietly slide open the door and duck low when I went out, so as not to disturb them when I went out to water plants. So I abandoned the back porch for other activity until they were gone. I enjoyed the watching the mom come and go bringing food and the little beaks open taking it from her. I was so disappointed that they all flew away the weekend I was in Washington when my niece got married. Maybe it was because there wasn't a looming giant on the other side of the door watching them. :)

Lynn said...

Jingle -

Happy Tuesday!

Riot Kitty said...

Once again, yum! I want that breakfast on a porch ;)

Louvregirl said...

Lynn~ How hot is it by you? We traveled back up into the mountains from Salisbury, NC and in the mountains it was a FULL 15 degrees cooler (with a light breeze also.) I was thankful as it was a steamy 95 degrees without a breeze off the mountain on the highway out of Salisbury.
Wow. :0

Lynn said...

Riot Kitty -

I love a porch and having meals out there. It was a nice day to do that.

lg -

It's in the 90s all week now - we had a bit of a respite over the weekend with the 80s. It's 103 degrees inside my car when I got in it this afternoon. I don't much enjoy this heat.

Fireblossom said...

That's sweet, saying "sorry" to the birds. I would have, too. :-)

PS--Blogger seems to be working again for me, too. Last night i was getting notifications of comments in my enail, but they weren't appearing on the blog itself!

Lynn said...

Shay -

Blogger seems to go crazy now and then, huh?

Ily said...

Breakfast on the back porch with the sounds of the cardinals and redbush tea...how fitting. I wonder what book you were reading. I would've wanted to reread "A Place Called Simplicity" in a setting like that.

desk49 said...

Lynn you asked so there is
that poem for you young lady

The Crape Myrtle blossoms
Hung Like balls of cotton candy
Covering your tree with
Their sweet fragrances
As cardinals furious flapping
Away when startled
Sorry you called out softy
Nibbling on your Buttered toast
And sipping redbush tea
Quietly they watched you
Wounding if you might leave
Them a crumb or two

Jewel Allen said...

Yummy sounding breakfast, complete with atmosphere. I could hear your satisfied sigh clear over here :-)

Love the pink myrtle.

Thanks for spreading the cheer!!

Lynn said...

Ily -

I love red tea - have you tried it? It doesn't have the propensity of green tea to go bitter if you steep it too long and has more antioxidants. AND it's delicious. And the same color as my birds - good observation!

I was reading something not at all conducive to the atmosphere - a thriller. :)

Ellis -

I like it! Thanks for coming back - and I certainly should have left them a crumb or two. :)

Jewel -

Yes - a satisfied sigh - I don't get many days like that. Thanks for coming over!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Pretty blossoms!
Cardinals have been hanging out in a tall shrub in the yard here. They are so fast- not often they are taken by surprize! I feel bad disturbing the critters too sometimes-
I don't often eat ouside due to insect interrupion. Always have a bottled-covered drink too.
Cute wren story!

Lynn said...

Snaggle -

I have a wood carving of a cardinal - one of the first things I ever bought for my place as an adult (long ago.) I've always loved them - so it's been wonderful to have them around.