Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not so scary, quiet time and precociousness

- This lovely lady is so festive I would think that crows would flock to her. But she seems to be keeping them at bay at this vegetable garden on the far end of the street where I live. A woman in pink, stooping over her plot, stands up and removes her ipod earpiece to affirm that this is a community garden.

- Having a lunchtime pedicure at a nail salon near my office, administered by a silent woman who just smiles now and then. She seems to understand that I need some quiet time and leaves me be.

- A toddler at the oil change place entertains the waiting room crowd with her smiles and jabber. A woman comes in to pay and asks the mother if she reads to the baby. A nod. This woman is proud that her 13-year-old daughter (read to constantly as a wee one) is studying this summer at Duke University.

Three things I have procrastinated: photographing the scarecrow, pedicure and oil change. Cheers!


desk49 said...
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desk49 said...

She not scary to you or me
to the crows she seems to be
A woman stooping and from her
earpiece music screams
out doing her community thing
A quiet nail buff and shine but leave you alone,
Because it's back the office and then striate home
A toddle jabber, a woman blabber
A 13 is a prodigy at a University

Bad bad me but great post blinding in the three

Jannie Funster said...

I bet your toenails are gorgeous!

And your engine appreciates the new oil.

Duke at 13? Pretty cool. I was a duchess at 12!


Anonymous said...

Lynn, forgive my ignorance but I must confess that I've not come upon the term "community garden" before. Methinks it may be a garden that a whole street or neighbourhood might share, yes? :)

TALON said...

The scarecrow is doing an amazing job - the garden looks lovely!

It's nice when you can have some peace and quiet and decompress with the bonus of having some pretty nails at the end :)

Jewel Allen said...

Although I like it when my hair stylist or pedicurist chats, sometimes, it's nice to just BE. What a treat that must have been!

How effective really are those scarecrows? LOL

Louvregirl said...

Hi Lynn! Hope that you are well :)
What color did you have your nails done? Glad you were able to get a very small slice of some 'me' time!
lg (hugs!)

Blue Bunny said...

oh, what a lovely gardin!!

yoo taeks the nisest picshurs, my deer lynns.

well, off to visit menny bloggs, my jannie is writing on a song today. and she gonna poste she singing it wen it is reddy soons.


Lynn said...

Ellis -

Thanks Ellis and excellent wrap-up poem!

Jannie -

My toes feel so much better now. And I'm sure the engine does, too. I almost told the woman about my voracious reading from the age of six, and that I wasn't Duke material at 18 even. :)

Tony -

That is exactly what it is. That is a well-developed street and this lot once had a house on it, but not just a large garden that has staked out plots on it. It was lovely and I love the marigolds scattered throughout.

Talon -

I am quite a chatty gal, but for some reason I just like to close my eyes and have quiet time during a pedicure. The last time I had it done I thought the nail tech was going to get to my mother's maiden name, she was so extra chatty. :)

Jewel -

I don't know, but I didn't see any crows!

lg -

A lovely deep red.

{{{Hugs back!}}}

Blue Bunny -

I look forward to hear your Jannie's new song. I'll bet you would have had fun in this garden! ox

Fireblossom said...

What a cheerful, refreshing post!

I have long thought that scarecrows must secretly harbor a desire to spiff up and entertain. But I could be wrong. ;-)

Meredith said...

Yay for the new pedicure and the oil change -- and I know exactly how you feel about driving or walking past a photo you want to take, perhaps numerous times, but not having the camera, or the time, to take the shot. Must feel so great to get it done, Lynn. Congratulations!

And that garden is gorgeous! :)

Ily said...

That scarecrow looks like she's inviting the crows to the garden. :)

What I wouldn't give for a lunchtime pedicure...or a lunchtime. I need to have a spa day!

Mama Zen said...

A pedicurist that doesn't insist on making conversation is a real find!

Lynn said...

Fireblossom -

Thank you! And I wish I had gotten a better shot of the scarecrow, but I didn't want to intrude any more than I had - she had on a Carmen Miranda type get-up. I'm thinking when no one is looking she dances to salsa music. Then when a car goes by she stops. :)

Meredith -

The garden is a lot larger than it appears here. The next day a painted sign appeared, calling it the "Henderson Community Garden." Some small print offered more info that can be read driving by. And Carmen had been moved up closer to the front.

Ily -

I think so, too. :) You deserve a spa day, my friend! I hope you are feeling better.

Mama Zen -

This is a new nail place for me, recommended by a co-worker. The first time I went, the woman kept asking me questions and volunteering info about herself, which is fine, but I really just sort of want the pedicure. A couple of times I closed my eyes and would open them to find her looking at me and smiling. So I was so happy when I walked in and this silent lady, who was polite and pleasant, spent nearly an hour on my pedicure without much chat. I asked her name before I left so I can call ahead next time. The smiling chatty woman came in while I was there and stood there to talk for a few minutes - I guess she never forgets a face or a foot. :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

it's amazing scarecrows work- I don't seem to scare the ones here unless I make loud sounds-
Nice garden tho- would love some produce without paying so much for it!
At work I like getting away without talking all day too-
Some toddlers aer great at putting on a show- my older one used to be that way- n learned to speed read too-