Monday, July 26, 2010

Passing through, treasures and recycling

- The courthouse in Monticello, Georgia, taken on Saturday evening around 8:15pm. It is difficult to imagine it would be dark in about an hour. This was the courthouse in which scenes from the movie "My Cousin Vinny" were filmed. In the movie, the location was Alabama, but most of it was filmed in and around Monticello. Some farmers on the town square with their wares (mostly watermelons) watched with interest as I took my photo and passed on through.

- Clearing out the storage shed at our family home in nearby Milledgeville, we encountered trash and treasures. When my sister and I lifted an old trunk, all sorts of bug life scurried out. My sister is still laughing over my shrieking like a little girl and running out in the opposite direction.

- We discovered that an old kitchen worktable from my grandparents' house was all the way in the back of the shed - it must have been in there for 25 years. I open the drawer to the table and discover several old sheets of aluminum foil. They must have been conserving them to use again later.


desk49 said...

A bug scared a farmer stared
A courthouses time in fame
A photo snapped a side slapped
An old worktable from memory lane
A girl’s scream and some foil it seems
Was saved, to be reuse was their aim

Jannie Funster said...

You planning on using that foil? :)

My Cousin Vinny -- we still say "yutes" all the time, and laugh.


Lynn said...

Ellis -

That was a side slapping moment. :) Thank you for my poem.

Jannie -

No way. The table went with my sister - she can find some use for at their farm.

I loved that movie - and some of the other landmarks around the square were used for scenes.


TALON said...

That's a gorgeous building. Yes, My Cousin Vinnie gave us "yutes" - lol!

I don't blame you for hightailing it - scurrying bug critters is never a good thing unless you're an anteater or something ;)

Louvregirl said...

I love the lighting in the courthouse shot Lynn and yes (!!); I would run for cover until the buggy-bugs scatter myself! 'Have to' laugh about the saving of aluminum foil; my in-laws do 'this thing' and at times I have wondered if it is a depression era behavior!

Meredith said...

Oh, how poignant, to have found that foil, and get a glimpse into their lives. :) I save foil for reuse. It's perfectly fine, and you can even rinse it off if you're concerned. My mom always did it, so I guess that's where I learned. Besides that, I'm friends with an engineer who works with aluminum for much more important technological uses, and I've been reminded many times that it is a finite resource.

That said, I don't know that I'd reuse foil that old. ;) Especially if lots of bugs have been visiting. Yikes! I'd have run screaming, too, Lynn.

My favorite line from that movie has to be where Mona Lisa Vito says, "Oh, yeah, you blend."

LL Cool Joe said...

Still laughing at you shrieking like a girl!

And Meredith made me laugh too saying she would have run screaming too! I thought she was at one with mother nature and all that!

Sara said...

Wow. You're not far from me. I've visited Monticello. It's a really pretty town. We stayed in a B&B that was fantastic...I just don't remember the name.

I can understand that you screamed when the bugs came out. I'm not really afraid of bugs, I hate when they run at me. I grew up a very old house and we had tons of spiders and palmetto bugs. I was okay as long as they stayed in their place and I in mine:~)

Lynn said...

Talon -

And there was a yute sitting on the steps talking on his cellphone. I think it is wonderful to live in a town small enough that you can wait for your friends on the steps to the courthouse.

Yeah - I don't like bugs to touch me. I have a live and let live deal with them usually though.

lg -

I think that is definitely depression-era behavior. They were very frugal, but lived well. My gramps did all the cooking until he passed away - he made huge spreads of food. He's probably the culprit who saved the foil.

Meredith -

No - we won't be using it. I was trying to think of a good use for it though - some kind of artwork project.

I'm sort of inspired to rent that film - it's been such a long time since I've seen it. I loved that grits scene. :)

Joe -

These weren't the pacifist bugs that Meredith writes of, but huge palmetto bugs. Odd that they weren't anywhere else in the building. They ran out so hopefully they are running toward someone else's property. Yes - I laugh at myself, too. :)

Sara -

Do you live in Georgia or Florida? You know - my sister lives in Monticello, Florida. So many Monticellos. :) And neither town pronounces it like Jefferson's home - they say, Mont-a-sell-o.

Palmetto bugs just creep me out and they come in to my place occasionally from the woods behind my place. My cat was stalking something under the sofa once and came up with one of those things in her mouth. Again - I shrieked. She dropped it and I said, "NOOO - get it!!!!" Ugh.

Riot Kitty said...

Isn't it neat to find old treasures like that? (I mean the table, not the foil...) Great picture as always!

Ily said...

Beautiful courthouse...and I LOVE "My Cousin Vinnie!" Joe Pesci is hilarious and I think Marisa Tomei was excellent in that movie!

In my house when we dig things out of the shed, it's usually lizards that pop up and out from hidden places and TERRIFY me! I feel your pain, Chica.

Fireblossom said...

Yuck. I don't do bugs either. If it has more than four legs, fuhgedaboudit.

Snaggle Tooth said...

The sun sure looks pretty on the dome n columns in your courthouse pic- Yutes! think I have that on VHS somewhere...
Surprize! don't you hate quickly scurrying insects? Better in the shed than in your house I always say...
Cool finding a remembered table from the grandfolks. I have alot of trouble parting from old things like that, n try to incorprate them into use somewhere. Glad your sis is working on it-
Can always put the tin in the recycle bin?

Lynn said...

RK -

Thank you. And yes, I am so pleased that my sister can incorporate this into the farm somewhere.

Ily -

I love these old courthouses and it seemed a perfect time to finally snap this one.

It's the unexpectedness of scurrying bugs - and they were those huge palmetto bugs. Awful! I don't even like to think about lizards scurrying.

Shay -

I'm with ya!

Snaggle -

That is a great movie - I want to rent it soon. Too many years since I've seen it. :)

Yes - I'm sure she'll recycle it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Trash and treasures! Count me in! :)

Lynn said...

Tony -

It's fun to ramble through junk, isn't it? That's truly what we found down there. Tons of old baskets and the like. But plenty of good stuff, too. :)